Daily Archives: May 31, 2018

Top 9 Benefits of Chiropractic Treatment

The concept of chiropractic treatment has always been considered strange and taboo. The term “chiropractic” and its related treatment wasn’t given much importance before few years but is something that has started to infiltrate people’s lives today. According to a survey, around 22 million people in America take up the chiropractic treatment every year. Hence, an increase in the number ...

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Cowlick vs. Balding: Is it actually a sign of early hair loss?

A cowlick is a small group of hair which appears straight up or lies in the reverse direction of the way to comb hair. Generally, this cowlick is found at the top of the head or at the front hairline. You can find it by the spiral pattern the hair forms. It can occur on the head as a clockwise ...

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