4 Things You May Need to Get a Replacement copy of Your PA Birth Certificate

Misplaced, lost during a move, damaged–all of these things can happen to a paper document through the years, especially your birth certificate that must be used so frequently. While the birth certificate may merely be a piece of paper with your record of birth recorded on it, this one piece of paper may be necessary for everything from finding a job to proving your identity. If you lose yours, you can get a replacement birth certificate PA as long as you have the proper items.

  1. Social Security Card – One part of proving your identity when you apply for a replacement birth certificate in Pennsylvania is providing your Social Security card. The number on this card is your federal identification and has your government-recognized name printed on it as well. If you do not have a Social Security card, you can obtain a replacement through the Social Security Administration. However, keep in mind that the Social Security Administration does usually need some record of your birth before providing you with a new card.
  2. Valid Government-Issued Identification – You will likely be asked to provide a copy of a valid and current government-issued ID when applying for your birth certificate PA. A government-issued ID would be any of the following forms of identification:
  • a valid driver’s license
  • a state-issued personal ID card
  • military ID card

Before submitting a copy of your ID, which may be done electronically in many cases, make sure it is current and not expired and your name and address are clearly identifiable. Any discrepancies can slow down the processing time it takes to obtain your new birth certificate in PA.

  1. Required Processing Fee – In order to obtain your replacement birth certificate, whether you go straight through the Pennsylvania Department of Health or otherwise, you will be required to send a processing fee to pay for the transaction when you submit your request for replacement. This fee covers the printed materials and time it takes to retrieve your information from the database.
  2. Death Certificate (Applicable in Some Situations) – If you are requesting a replacement birth certificate for a deceased relative, you may need to be able to provide that person’s death certificate first if you are not an immediate family member. If you are an immediate family member, you may be required to provide the proving documents showing that you are the power of attorney.

While it can take a few steps to get your replacement birth certificate in Pennsylvania, having this document is highly important. Gather your necessary documents and reach out to a vital records provider for more information.