5 Simple Tips For Selecting The Right Dog Shampoo

Canine grooming can be overwhelming, at least for new pet owners. Besides all the other things, you must first buy a good shampoo for your pooch. Many pet owners believe that they can share their shampoo with their pet, just like they share the same bed. Sadly, this is one of the worst decisions that one can take, because human shampoo have harsh chemicals that can be extremely dangerous for canines. If you visit a pet store, you will find hundreds of options in dog shampoos, but how do you choose one? Below are some of the things you need to know.

  • Understand your dog’s skin. Some dogs are prone to dry skin that can itch and turn flaky. If you use regular pet shampoos, it can make the situation worse. Look for a moisturizing shampoo, preferably with no added fragrances. Chemicals should be avoided to the best possible extent.
  • Consult your vet. Take your beloved dog to the doctor at least once in six months for general checkup. The vet can explain the possible skin conditions, which might need medicated shampoos. There’s no singular product that can be named as the best dog shampoo. The choices are dependent on the breed, as well.

  • Check for fleas and ticks. If your dog ventures out in the yard frequently or has other pet friends, he might be prone to fleas and ticks. Make sure that you check shampoos that are designed to kill these parasites. Some of the anti-tick shampoos can be harsh on your dog’s skin, so talk to your vet if there are other options and whether you can take prevention measures.
  • Consider the dog breed too. As mentioned earlier, you must consider the dog breed before you take a call on a regular shampoo. If your canine has white hair or long coat, you might need a shampoo that can add to the luster.
  • Buy conditioner too. Coat conditioners are extremely useful for dogs, and you can find something that’s formulated for different breeds and younger dogs. Besides adding more shine to the coat, conditioners help in maintaining coats that have long hair strands.

Lastly, don’t select products that don’t have a list of ingredients or don’t have good reviews. Dogs have sensitive skin, which is often prone to many disorders. Keep an eye for possible issues, especially if you are using a shampoo for the first time.