5 Top Myths Prevalent in Hair Transplant

The procedure of hair transplant is one of the most important plastics & the cosmetic surgery that gives you original hair back without having any kind of side effects or discomfort that must be performed by the good Surgeon. It has been found out that most of the men go bald due to the genetic baldness of Androgenic alopecia in their lifetime. Both men and women get affected by the androgenic alopecia, but the problem of total baldness is only occurring in men and women show the thinning of hair rather than the receding hairline. With the increasing popularity of hair transplant procedure in the plastic & the cosmetic surgery industry a number of myths are also surrounded in the hair transplant chapter that must be clarified among people with the truth in order to take full advantages of the procedure.

The hair transplant procedure is performed all over the world to restore the original hair in the view of getting the aesthetic outcomes of the procedure, but very few clinics and Surgeon are capable to fulfill the desired criteria of the procedure due to its extreme skilled needs and expertise sense of performing the surgery. The hair transplant in Delhi rated as the top-choice selection among the hair loss people to get the original benefits of the procedure.

There are many myths prevalent in the hair transplant industry in which top 5 myths here we are describing to clarify your views regarding the hair transplant procedure as follows:

  1. It is not a Permanent Option

It is a great myth that is prevalent in the hair transplant industry and spread by some pharmaceutical companies to decoy the hair loss patient and insisted them to regularize the medicines or therapies like PRP to control the hair loss problem. Since the medications and therapies need the regular dose and hence the companies, utilizes the benefits of a regular customer and manipulate them to take the medications rather than opting the hair transplant surgery, but it is neither right nor true.

FACT: Hair transplant is only a permanent option of the hair loss problem, recommended by the hair transplant Surgeons to get over the problem of Androgenic alopecia or genetic baldness.

  1. Hair Transplant is a Painful Procedure

It is not true because these days Surgeons use the local anesthesia to reduce the effect of pain up to zero level. So saying like that, it is a painful procedure doesn’t deserve any space in the modern hair transplant world. Pain can be involved during the step of donor area harvesting in the hair transplant when the technique FUT is applied, but nowadays, our expert Surgeons give the dose of local anesthesia that makes a painless feeling up to 10-12 hours until a procedure gets completed.

FACT: Hair Transplant is a 100% painless procedure with local anesthesia.

  1. Hair Transplant may damage nerves of the brain

No, not at all, it is completely a false statement. Hair transplant performs through only an upper layer of the scalp skin and there is no question of damaging the nerves of the brain. The strip excision in the FUT hair transplant is done through the simple incision that is only to a nominal depth and doesn’t give any effect to the inner layer of the scalp skin, whereas the FUE technique of the hair restoration procedure is done through the punching machine to extract the hair roots also a makes a very nominal punch just only for extracting the root.

FACT: The hair restoration is done only in the upper layer of the scalp skin.

  1. FUE Hair Transplant is not a Surgical Procedure

FUE hair transplant is wholly and solely a surgical procedure followed by the same step likes the FUT technique except for the way of extracting the hair roots from the donor area. The FUE followed the random punching process for the hair root extraction and later the step of the slit making, hairline design, graft dissection process and the implantation is same as that of the FUT technique. So, saying that it is not a surgical procedure is not correct.

FACT: FUE hair transplant is a surgical procedure.

  1. One need to take Medicines throughout the life after the restoration procedure:

It is not true because hair transplant procedure re-achieve the natural hair back from the patient’s own scalp so there is no any maintenance, follow-up or medications is required, once the procedure is successfully achieved by the patient.

FACT: Hair transplant procedure is a maintenance free procedure without having any kind of side effects. It is the only natural procedure in the plastic & cosmetic surgeries world to restore the original hair back with all the natural effect and aesthetic outcomes.


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant is a safe, comfortable, painless, and scar less cosmetic surgery procedure for re-achieving the original hair back with all the aesthetic touch and natural outcomes.