6 Ideal Features To Look For In A Water Dispenser For Offices

Water dispensers are a common sight in most of the offices. In fact, they have become a must-have appliance. There are many types of dispensers available in the market. If you are confused about which one to go for, make sure that the one you buy has these 6 features in it.

  1. Storage Capacity:The storage capacity is a very important criterion to check for when you buy a water dispenser for offices. Considering the amount of water that would be needed, you should opt for a water dispenser that has at least 20L storage capacity.
  2. Aesthetic Design: The aesthetic value of the dispenser is an important consideration since it should fit the workplace décor and enhance its visual appeal. Besides being aesthetically appealing, it should also have user-friendly design.
  3. Water Purification: The water dispenser you opt to buy must have a good water purification system also built within. This ensures that your staffs have constant access to pure water at office. Dispensers with purification feature are the best for municipal corporation water supply.
  4. Cold Water Dispenser:There are basic dispensers, which just dispense water at room temperature as well as advanced models. In these, you get an option of cold water. You can use cold water for making iced tea, lime water and other cold beverages. This multifunctional feature makes it an ideal choice of dispenser for offices, showroom, restaurants etc. Depending upon your preference and budget, you should choose the right one for your office.
  5. Ease of Connection: The purifier should enable ease of connection to water supply so that there’s no need to use a mounted bottle on the dispenser. This way, you can directly connect the appliance to the tap and get access to pure drinking water all through the day without the need to change bottles often. Obviously, this would work best for offices.
  6. Protection against Water Overflow: This is another important feature to look for in water dispensers for offices. Dispensers that integrate this feature usually come equipped with a float valve to ensure that water does not overflow. This helps in ensuring that water is not wasted due to overflow issues.

Besides looking for these ideal features, you also need to consider some other things like available space where you will keep it and your budget. If you have a small office space, you might like to have a dispenser that can be placed on a table top. In that case, you need to go with smaller and lighter option. If you have sufficient space available, then you can buy a free-standing dispenser. You will also have to ensure that the dispenser is easy to maintain and service. Considering all these aspects will ensure that you get the best water dispenser for your office.