6 Reasons You Should Schedule a Physical With Your Doctor

Nobody enjoys physicals. It’s a simple fact.

A routine or annual physical exam is a recommended part of healthcare for adults. However, the idea of being prodded and examined scares off many from making sure they get the care that they need.

Chances are, if you can’t remember the last time you’ve gone in for a physical examination, you may be long overdue to a checkup that could make a world of difference for your health and well-being.

Still not convinced? Here are six reasons why you should pick up the phone and schedule a physical with your doctor:

1.It’s been far too long

Going in for a physical examination may be less important for younger people, but as we get older, the importance of a physical increases. Medical experts agree that once we pass the age of 40, it’s important to see a doctor at least once a year.

The problem with waiting several years between check ups and being unpredictable with your doctor is that it limits your doctor’s ability to monitor changes to your body. Skipping out on the yearly physical can seriously impair your doctor’s ability to keep you healthy, and limit the usefulness going in for the physical exam in the first place.

2.Things have stopped working

Many people make the mistake of accepting new aches and pains as they come along. As a society, we hold preconceived notions about what pain is acceptable. As we enter middle age, it can be tempting to skip the physical and take over-the-counter medication to lessen our newfound ailments.

But not all aches and pains are the same, and it’s dangerous to assume a new sensation of pain is the same as an ache you’d had for the past several years.

Schedule a physical and talk to your doctor about where the pain is, how long it’s been there, and what can be done to mitigate chronic pain’s influence over your life.

Physical examinations help doctors discern between what won’t away, and what may be a symptom of an underlying and serious problem in your body.

3.You’re already paying for it

Health insurance isn’t cheap. Whether you have a modest healthcare plan or comprehensive coverage, you’re probably paying far more than you’d like to for your healthcare.

And depending on the health insurance provider, annual physicals are either partially or completely covered. Skipping out on the annual exam may be wasting valuable dollars you’ve already spent.

Make the most out of your coverage by talking to your provider about copay or costs associated with your examination. Depending on your coverage, you could go in to your physician’s office today with little to no cost to you.

4.You’re missing out on immunizations and vaccines

As time goes on, diseases and viruses get smarter. New strains of contagious diseases often grow immune to any vaccinations or shots you may have gotten while you were younger. In the past six months alone, tens of thousands of US citizens have come down with the latest strain of the influenza virus—and some have unfortunately passed away because of it.

Ignoring your annual physicals means that you’re not talking to your doctor about the latest immunizations, and pose a bigger risk to yourself and your loved ones. Stay informed and consult your doctor to make sure you’re up to date on your healthcare and immunizations to help ward off disease.

5.Your Prescriptions Need Updating

Millions of Americans each year take medications or daily prescriptions in order to improve their health. However, the state of your body doesn’t remain as it was the day you received your first dose.

Having an honest conversation with your doctor during your annual health examination means that you could be due to for an alteration in the prescription medication that you take. As we age, more medications may need to be added to our current regimen in order to keep us healthy and active.

Talk with your doctor about what you’re currently on to ensure that your healthcare is as effective as possible. And if you’ve been prescribed something new, don’t just accept the cost at the register. Consider seeking out a coupon for Viagra, albuterol, and other commonly prescribed drugs.

6.Your health depends on it

Unfortunately, family and personal history can only tell us so much about the state of our bodies. We rely and doctors and health experts to inform us of any ailments we may have, as well as any treatments we can seek out in order to help keep our bodies in the best condition we can as we grow older.

Your physical examination is a preventative measure taken by your doctor in order to keep on top of the unexpected changes and problems that can arise—often with no prior warning. Choosing to skip out on your exam isn’t a matter of personal comfort versus discomfort. The fact of the matter is that skipping your exam is dangerous.

Without a doctor’s expertise and guidance, certain diseases and even cancers can go undetected and metastasize. Once you notice the problem, you may find yourself being informed by your doctor that he or she could have uncovered the issue far earlier, thus affording you more time and less headache.

Choosing present-day comfort over long-term health is never the right call. The state of your health depends on your proactivity and intuition to see a doctor as often as recommended.


Ultimately, nobody can force you to make the call to schedule your next physical. But there are so many reasons why a physical examination could help you more than it could ever hurt you.

From an improved state of well-being and care, to the prevention of unnecessary sickness and suffering, there’s simply no excuse to skip the physical if you have the time and financial capability to go in.

We hope that these six reasons have given you enough incentive to get up and make that call. Chances are, you won’t regret it. What is your least favorite part of getting a doctor checkup? Leave us a comment in the section below.