Are You in Need of Pituitary Growth Hormone? How to Identify its Deficiency

Pituitary gland is a very small gland in our body, but it plays an important role in our body’s growth and development. It controls various other glands and also releases certain hormones, which helps in our body growth during our growing age. In case, it does not release enough hormones then our body does not grow according to our age and either we may become dwarf or our bones may not be strong enough like others of our age. By using Human Growth Hormone injection, you can compensate the deficiency of growth hormone.

What Human Growth Hormone does?

As mentioned earlier for our normal body growth there should be enough growth hormone present in our body. As this hormone travels in our bloodstream, it encourages liver to synthesize insulin like the growth factor which is a protein and known as IGF-1. The function of this protein is to let our bone grow. During childhood, our height and growth takes place due to this reason.

Sometimes, IGF-1 also stimulates immature muscles to grow and also helps in regulating our metabolism. It can also help in reducing the storage of fat in our body and by creating protein cells it can also regulate blood sugar levels.

How deficiency of HGH is identified?

HGH deficiency can be identified by visual inspection and physical examination. However, to confirm the same following tests are performed.

  • GH stimulation test
  • Arginine test
  • Insulin tolerance test
  • GH provocation test

With all these tests, it is possible to measure exact amount of growth hormone present in the bloodstream and then medication may be prescribed accordingly.  The range of HGH will be as follows –

  • Level of GH will be considered normal if it is minimum 10 nano grams per millimeter
  • It will be considered average or intermediate if level is 5 to 10 ng/mL
  • Will be considered sub normal if it is below 5 ng/mL

The result may slightly vary if it is tested in different laboratory. Our natural level of GH will reduce as we grow old.

What to do if our body does not produce enough GH?

Normally, if a child during his early age or till the age of 18 is found to lack growth hormone then his growth will be much slower than children of his or her age. In such case, he may be recommended to take HGH tablets or injection.