Battle Cancer and Detoxify with Gerson Coffee Enema

Not many people realise that it is possible to deal with cancer with holistic alternatives that trigger no bodily harm. In contemporary medication, the conventional method has always been chemotherapy and radiation treatment. While they do work and exterminate cancer cells, the issue with both is that they likewise damage healthy cells further weakening the body. There needs to be a better way, which is precisely what Dr Max Gerson believed when he established the “Gerson Therapy“.

Coffee enemas to reverse cancer by detoxification

You might be wondering – exactly what is the Gerson treatment? Well simply put, the latter is a holistic treatment established by a German-American physician by the name of Dr Max Gerson who then started utilising it in 1928 as an alternative treatment for cancer and other degenerative diseases. At the heart of therapy lies making use of coffee enemas together with a natural, plant-based diet plan that includes raw fruit and vegetable juices. The goal is to substantially detoxify the body and utilise its’ natural ability to heal itself of illness.

It is a known fact that prolonged toxicity in the body is instrumental in the development of feared cancer cells. If that holds true, then the initial step to reversing cancer development should be the decrease of total poisonous levels in the body. You can do just that with daily dosages of coffee enema under Gerson treatment.

Certainly, a huge part of Gerson therapy as a holistic cancer treatment revolves around making use of coffee enemas to flush out ingrained waste and faecal matter in the liver and colon. Cancer clients can rely on coffee enemas to cleanse themselves and provide the body immune system with the opportunity it needs to heal and restore the body. Caffeine presented internally through an enema has the wanted impact of improving liver functions (bile production) and stimulating deep defecation that is enough to extricate waste and faecal matter stuck in the colon and small intestines.

Taking coffee enemas to recover from cancer

While the medical community does not advocate the use coffee enemas as a kind of cancer treatment, many have found success in the regular treatment, particularly in the early phases.

In one research study conducted by holistic wellness organisations like “Coffee Enemas Australia“, a group of people that took a coffee enema for lung cancer underwent an excellent 5-year survival rate thanks to enhanced kidney and liver functions in the body.

One guy by the name of William Metzler recuperated from lung cancer after six months of Gerson therapy. Before the therapy, the man was given a terminal diagnosis by medical professionals at Long Beach Medical facility who also informed him that he had just 3 to 4 months to live if he does not begin chemotherapy immediately. It is cases like these that make coffee enemas and Gerson therapy well worth thinking about particularly with people who have found no success with conventional cancer treatment. After two years of rigorous Gerson therapy and taking coffee enemas, the same physicians eventually declared him cancer-free. Talk about awkward.

Learn more behind the science of coffee enemas by checking out websites like that tell you more about the matter. Only then can you decide whether coffee enemas are worth considering as an alternative treatment for cancer.