Bikini Laser Hair Removal Tips

While not everyone considers laser hair removal, many do, and thousands of those who do seek it out specifically for their bikini line. What makes bikini laser hair removal such a popular process? It’s one of the single best ways to achieve permanent hair loss on that difficult to reach bikini line. There are so many drawbacks to other methods of hair removal in that sensitive spot, and eliminating the hair completely is an attractive proposition. If you’re considering this process, though, there are a number of helpful tips that can ensure you get through it quickly and with less irritation. Take a look now:

  • Consider pain relief before your appointment. Often a few ibuprofen or acetaminophen will help you deal with any pain you might experience during your appointment. You’ll want to take the dosage recommended by your doctor about thirty minutes before it’s time for your session to begin. You may also want to ask your laser clinic about a numbing cream to apply before treatment. For some patients, this is the ideal approach to dealing with the zaps of the laser. While not everyone reacts to those zaps the same way, many report they feel like a rubber band is snapping against their skin each time the laser pulses.
  • Avoid caffeine before you have your treatment. Caffeine can create some anxiety about the procedure itself, and that may change the way your body reacts to it. Even a little change like that can make your skin more sensitive during the process.
  • Don’t tan. If you tan on a regular basis, you might want to avoid the sun for a bit before your procedure, or the lights of the tanning bed. The exposure to the UV rays mean the laser is actually less effective because you’re changing the colouration of your skin. That, in turn, may mean you experience hyperpigmentation, which could last for years as a result of this type of hair removal.
  • Don’t forget to shave. You don’t need longer hair before you have this procedure done. Instead, you want to give yourself a solid shave, but be sure you use a clean razor to make it happen. Wondering why? It’s fairly simple really. A dirty razor can lead to dermatitis, which is an irritation of the skin area. You’ll want to use a moisturising shave cream during the process. You want to shave the morning of or at least the night before the procedure.
  • Maximise your post treatment results by paying attention to the aftercare routine. Your salon or spa will offer you some advice about how to care for your bikini line area after you’ve treated it. Be sure you follow that routine. They’ll tell you to avoid perfumes and scented moisturisers. They’ll also tell you to be careful about the temperature of your showers for a week or so. That will help you deal with the sensitive skin you may experience.

Bikini laser hair removal is a safe, excellent procedure. It’s the perfect way to get rid of that unwanted hair, and tips like these will make it even better.