Dexxa 250 – Learn About Its Benefits And Right Dosage

Dexxa 250 is one of the most popular anabolic androgenic steroid in the market. Its intake is by injection. The main component in Dexxa 250 is nandrolone decanoate. It is most popular among athletes and bodybuilders. If you are looking forward to take this steroid, it is very important to learn its results and dosages.

Dexxa 50 Results

Dexxa 250 is a popular steroid all over the globe. Dexxa 50 is very famous among gym goers and athletes. It helps them with increased stamina and they are able to work-out for longer hours. It helps in your bulking cycle and helps them gain muscle strength. The nandrolone decanoate in it helps in increase of red blood cells production in our body.

Intake of this steroid helps in enhanced levels of protein synthesis. This is very important in muscle growth and muscle strength. They also help in increasing the levels of haemoglobin in our body. The nandrolone decanoate is very mild and triggers milder androgenic properties compared to other drugs.

Dexxa 250 Dosages and Cycles

The product comes in both tablets and in the injectable forms. You can start the dosage of Dexxa 250 10ml 250mg initially. The injections are given in 100 to 200 mg dosage per week for the treatment of anaemia. Bodybuilders often take higher dosages and the range varies between 200 mg to 600 mg per week. The cycle for bodybuilders mostly ranges for two to three months.

These are long acting drugs and possess both androgenic and anabolic activities. When they are taken in lower dosages, it can be a powerful anabolic drug and at higher dosage it may give out strong androgenic effects. The injection should be given intramuscularly and administered positively once a week.

The injection should be given only in the buttock area and the injected area should be rotated frequently to avoid the abscess formation. In case when higher dosage is injected in the buttocks, you may feel pain and constant ache. Check to see if there are any side effects in six months of cycle.

Females are recommended to take about 50 mg per week as the higher dosage may result in side effects in women. Dexxa 250 is generally a safe drug that can be used for muscle growth and strength but it is recommended to take them in lower dosages.