Excuses and Lies: Why you Need Rehab

Drug abuse and addiction are growing at an alarming rate. What was once a minor, rarely talked about problem is now an epidemic in the United States. Now that drug use is more open than it was in previous decades, you might find yourself wondering if you need rehab.

It might not seem like it but a recreational joint here or using a painkiller when you don’t exactly need one is harmless. Unfortunately, it is this behavior that leads to abuse and addiction. Many people begin a serious addiction with these exact steps.

How it Begins

Addiction can begin at any time during your drug or alcohol use. It normally starts as a recreational activity or a legitimate need for the drug (if the drug is a prescription.) The first thought that usually goes through your head is “it’s only once” or “I just want to relax.” This type of use gradually becomes more frequent and you find yourself making up excuses to use such as:

  • It was a really stressful day at work
  • I really need to prepare for this and I don’t want to get sleepy
  • Its only one drink to unwind
  • Everyone else around me is doing it
  • I am fine, I’ll just do a little bit

Although some of these thoughts are perfectly normal, when you are using these excuses frequently, you might be at the beginning of a serious problem.

The Excuses Continue as the Addiction Does

After a while you find yourself making up excuses that even you know are not good ones. You start to think more about the drugs or alcohol than why you are doing it. This is usually where you know you have a problem but do not really want to do anything about it.

One of the most common things that people think at this stage is that they need the drugs or alcohol. Whether you justify it to yourself as a way to calm down, de-stress, or to relax, you are still justifying your continued use of the drug. There is a good chance that you are already experiencing the negative consequences of your drug or alcohol abuse at this point.

You Start to Lie to Yourself and Others

At this point, your drug and alcohol use is probably a noticeable problem. Friends and family might even be commenting on how much or how often you use. You lie about what you are doing, where you are, where you are going, and how much you are doing. Some common lies are:

  • I only had one
  • I need this for my…
  • You don’t know how I feel
  • I will quit tomorrow

These lies lead to other issues. You begin to hide your drug or alcohol use. Hiding pills, drugs, or even entire bottles of alcohol so that those around you won’t find them. You also start to hide your drug use by avoiding people who might question you when you are high or drunk. These are signs of a serious problem.

Why you Need Rehab

Once you reach the stage of lying, making excuses, and hiding your use, there is a good chance that you cannot stop on your own. This is why you need rehab. There are treatment centers like Florida and New York rehab centers all over the country. They can help you get away from the addiction and deal with the consequences. Isn’t it time you stopped making excuses and telling lies?