Give Your Hair The Love It Needs With Siberian Health Hair Care Products

At some point in life, almost all of us are bound to lose some of the hair on our heads. It is a given that hair is a vital part of how attractive we feel about ourselves. This is why we are always on a look out for ways, method and even supplements counter and slow down the rate of hair loss if not completely eliminate the possibility of hair loss.

What causes hair loss?

The primary reason for hair loss is either genetics or changes in hormone levels. Other causes can be health issues, such as a serious illness, stress, malnutrition, etc. Or repeated over processing of natural hair, like colouring, perming or thermal straightening. The natural change in the hormone levels is also a cause of hair loss.

Hair loss due to any health issue should be seriously dealt with by getting a proper diagnosis and treatment done. If over processing is the cause for a receding hairline, the only way to slow down the hair loss process and grow back hair is to refrain from such external treatments that hamper the quality of hair.

Can vitamins and hair supplements help grow back hair?

In case the cause of hair loss is neither of the above and is dietary, nutritional and hormone related, the most popular remedy is consuming hair care supplements. There are a vast number of vitamins and supplements enriched with all kinds of exotic plant extracts that claims to help with the consumer’s nutrient deficiency and grow back hair. Most hair growing pills are either rich in one or multiple of the following ingredients; vitamin c, biotin, iron, zinc, omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, vitamin a and vitamin e. These ingredients are well known to help in hair growth.

Types of hair care supplements

Hair care is not a short term miraculous process. It requires patience and regular effort. Thus, a broad category of hair care products belong to the daily care range. These also include various oils, shampoos and conditioners that claim to give voluminous and gorgeous hair. The hair care products for dyed or coloured hair are also a major segment. Others include anti dandruff or scalp treatment products. The hair care section is incomplete without the various serums, potions, oils and masks that contribute to increase hair growth and strengthening the hair. Hair care supplements market is a booming segment with many manufacturers aiming to capture the increasing number of customers.