High effectiveness of Anadrol makes it a favorite steroid

Anadrol 25mg (Oxymetholone) is used for both bodybuilding and medical purposes and both of them is effective enough. This steroid is also useful for treating anemia and to preserve thin body mass in patients suffering from an illness like HIV. This is considered as one of the more direct steroids to be used classically in 50 mg tablets. If you wish to use the25mg strength then you have to split the tablet into two halves. Some users use the standard dosage of 50mg regularly but having said that it is not considered proper for everybody. The dosage information of an anabolic steroid depends on many factors, like age, gender and fitness goals.

It is also important to seek the consultation of a physician before starting any type of steroid. The physicians would be able to make out whether there was an existent of a pre-existing medical condition or not. Additionally, a thorough understanding of a proper and safe dosage is very important. A suitable research and judgment help a steroid user to prevent many side effects and complications. You need to read more the information regarding the dosages.Sometimes information can be gathered from a bodybuilding forum and sometimes from the private conversations under a fitness setting. On few occasions, people get incorrect information which prompts them to takewrong dosages and suggestions.

Correct dosing

The dosing level of this steroid is very simple so most of the dose is 50mg each day. But this dosing level is not always needed. Sometimes you require a lesser dosage. Some doses of this steroid are given below:

  • Base doses: For most of the men the dosing level of 50mg daily is considered standard. This is a usual dose for beginners andfor habitual steroid users. This dose can produce potent gains in strength and mass in a short time. You can gain up to 20lbs-30lbs in a period of 3-7 weeks.
  • Lower doses: Though 50mg is very common still 25mg each day is not also uncommon. This dosage is considered a safer dose for a first-time user. If you follow proper dieting and training you would notice significant gains even with this dose. The lower doses can make issues easier to handle.
  • High doses: Some men go up to taking 75-100mg daily but under no condition should one cross the 100mg mark. Crossing this mark would certainly invite side effects.

Duration of using the doses

Irrespective of the dosing level you choose, you should never use this steroid that would exceed the length of eight weeks of time. In fact, one is advised not to cross six weeks if he wants to protect his health. Extending past six weeks provides little profits in terms of growth. Actually, it makes no sense to cross this mark. Users get to discover the bulk of the outcomes within the initial four weeks no matter what dosing level they choose. A time frame of 4-6 weeks is ideal for producing every obtainable outcome of this anabolic androgenic steroid. To gather more detailed information regarding the usage of this steroid you have to read more fitness journals.