How Can Composite Filling Give Natural Appearance To Your Teeth?

Oral health is an important part of our overall health. Therefore, it is advisable to visit your dental surgeon once in 6 months for regular check-up. Improper care and lack of check-up from your dental surgeon can cause cavities and tooth decay.

Sometimes, tooth filling is important for correction of your decayed tooth. Composite or tooth coloured filling is a good option to go with if you want fillings to be of matching colour with your natural teeth. This guide will brief you the details about the procedure and benefits of composite filling.

Benefits of Composite/Tooth Coloured Filling

  • Tooth coloured filling will not affect your appearance since it is of same colour as your natural teeth.
  • Despite having fillings, your teeth will look natural. Tooth coloured filling is a better option over silver fillings which are quite visible.
  • Your get natural and easy solution to your problem of fillings which thereby relives you from sensitivity and pain. The recovery time of this procedure is quite short, which helps you to adapt to your daily routine sooner possible.

  • Composite/tooth coloured filling is a reliable and safe option. This method helps in filling to get blended with your teeth. Also, this filling is quite durable and strong and lets you chew and eat as normal.
  • Tooth coloured filling not only looks, but also feels natural. This is the reason why this procedure is slightly costly than other ones.

How Is Tooth Coloured Filling Procedure Carried Out?

Tooth coloured filling procedure can be painful, therefore to ensure that the procedure goes smoothly, the surgeon uses anaesthetic. Using anaesthetic numbs the tooth and makes patient comfortable for the procedure. After numbness, the drilling procedure starts.

Here, the surgeon uses a special tool to drill the tooth. The choice of equipment depends upon the type of infection that patient has. With drilling, the surgeon will try removing decayed parts of the tooth. These decayed parts are the reason why patient feels uncomfortable and achy.

Hence, the surgeon will remove the decayed part completely. After removing the decayed part, the surgeon will test your tooth to ensure that there is no decayed leftover in your tooth. After conducting the test, the surgeon will start filling your tooth and shaping it as per your tooth’s size.


Hope this guide will give you the required details about tooth coloured filling.