How Oral Surgeons Are Different From Dentists? Know The Services Offered By Both

There are many people out there who wonder what exactly are the differences between dentists and oral surgeons! While at first you may think that they both perform similar set of tasks, but it is not the case. There are some key differences between both of them that are worth noting.

If someone is suffering from serious injuries in their mouth, then those may result in loss of teeth, impact jaw bone, and gum tissues. This can be a very painful. Once entering into hospital emergency room, your dentist as well as oral surgeon will cooperate with each other to get you back to normal.

The first step taken by your oral surgeon would likely be to implant new bone in the place of missing one. He/she will operate at deepest level of your gum tissues, which a dentist cannot perform.

Dental implants are sent deep into the gum tissues and a part of foundation of false tooth is attached to it. Your oral surgeon will be responsible to install these implants into fully healed bone graft.

Your dentist is responsible to design your teeth and match the shape and colour. All these information that is collected by the dentists is then sent to the labs where your teeth are fabricated.

While oral surgeons and dentists both have different responsibilities, they can together repair the serious damage that may take place in a mouth including loss of bone, teeth, or gum. Oral surgeons are generally more qualified and well trained than the general dentists.

Services offered by Oral surgeons

  • Orthognathic surgery

It is used to address a number of jaw issues. It is normally performed to align the jaws in proper combination with orthodontic braces. It can be used to correct number of major as well as minor dental and facial irregularities.

  • Dental implants

This is an effective way to replace the extracted or missing teeth. Make sure to choose the best oral surgeon if you want to opt for this process

  • Teeth extraction

Your oral surgeon can help you to get your impacted wisdom teeth extracted or removed. This kind of impacted tooth is the one that fails to grow in mouth. Most of the people have minimum one impacted tooth that can cause numerous health problems, if it is not removed.

Some of the other important services offered by oral surgeons include teeth grinding, bone grafting, etc. Make sure that you choose the most reliable oral surgeon and let them help you for all your oral health issues.