Keeping Your Pearly Whites in Peak Condition: Orthodontists Are Here to Help!

Regardless of how often you brush, floss, or rinse with a mouthwash, it’s worth noting that the snacks and drinks you ingest have a huge impact on your dental health, especially if you tend to reach for sodas and candy bars on a daily basis. Unfortunately, many people fail to make this simple connection and continue to gorge themselves on acidic soft drinks with nary a concern about the detrimental effects. However, it’s important to point out that our teeth become less resilient to dietary vicissitudes with the passage of time because tooth enamel degrades and thins out as we age. This means that you’ll become more susceptible to stains, discolouration, and even tooth decay as you progress through life, which places a lot of importance on establishing a relationship with a reputable dental professional as early as possible. Instead of continuing to overindulge on wine, cola, coffee, and tobacco, it’s time to start taking care of your pearly whites by putting the shine and confidence back into your smile.

This brief article will detail the versatile field of oral health and show you how to go about finding trustworthy orthodontists in Melbourne, or anywhere else in Australia for that matter.

Modern Dental Care Options

During your first appointment, the orthodontist will conduct an exhaustive assessment of your jaw structure, tooth position, lip shape, and any other features impacting your oral health, which effectively creates your dental profile and establishes a foundation upon which a treatment plan will be built. The orthodontist will likely take a few x-rays, measurements, and notes prior to recommending a particular treatment option. Some of the most common modern dental procedures are shown below:

  • Wisdom Teeth: During your late teens or early twenties, you’ll notice a third set of molars growing in the back of your mouth. For individuals with small teeth, these new molars can usually grow naturally without posing any problems or discomfort. However, if they happen to be inciting pain, misalignment, or crowding, you’ll have to schedule a wisdom tooth removal. Fortunately, these extractions are safe and effective in this day and age, especially if you partner with a reputable orthodontist.
  • Braces: Dental braces represent the foremost solution for a wide array of dental issues as they work to align your bite, straighten your teeth, and prevent the reoccurrence of crowding or malocclusions. Although crude dental braces have been around since 500BCE, modern medical technology has transformed the installation process into a laser-precise clinical procedure that effects desirable results every single time. To boot, patients can also opt for Invisalign braces, which are very inconspicuous and a bit more amenable for patients with insecurity issues or an aversion to metal braces.
  • Dental Veneers: Missing or chipped teeth serve as a detriment to not only your outward appearance but also the structural integrity of your mouth. Without a full set of pearly whites, your facial muscles might start sagging and the remaining teeth will start shifting around to account for the lack of support. Fortunately, today’s dental veneers are sturdy and they are indistinguishable from your natural teeth, not to mention the fact that most veneer appointments are quick and painless.

Finding the Best Facility

Getting the proper dental care will allow you to essentially turn over a new leaf with regard to your smile and outward confidence, but only if you establish a connection with a reputable dental facility. In this regard, the brunt of your focus should be placed on communicating with past patients. So as you create a shortlist of the best facilities in your proximity, if at all conceivable, try to reach out to some past clients so that you can learn more about their personal spins on the orthodontist in question. After all, if the goal is to create a lifelong relationship with a trustworthy dental professional, the best way to obtain peace of mind during your research is by talking to individuals who have actually visited the office and received treatment.