Laser Red Vein Treatment – What Makes This Treatment Best Among Other Options?

Thread veins are often called as broken veins or spider veins. They are basically tiny blood vessels running close to surface of skin. The medical term used for them is telangiectasia. These days, there are some awesome treatment options available that can drastically improve appearance of those unsightly thread veins. So now, let us explore some basic facts about it and know how they can be treated in the best way.

What actually causes thread veins?

While there are no obvious causes for it, it generally develops as we age when our blood or skin vessels starts losing its elasticity. In many women, some of the hormonal changes related with pregnancy or menopause are considered to provoke their development. That is the main reason why women are generally more prone to thread vein development as compared to men.

However, there are some of the other causes too including exposure to extreme temperatures, sunbathing, radiotherapy, and cortico-steroid medicines. While thread veins are not considered to be dangerous, they may start becoming larger as well as increase in great number over time.

How thread veins can be treated?

There are indeed many options when it comes to treating it including sclero-therapy, laser-therapy, or sometimes, a mixture of both of them. Among so many options, laser therapy has become the popular choice among most of the people. You can know about your options just by visiting

The laser treatment uses brief pulses of the laser light in order to destroy the smaller blood vessels. In this kind of treatment, many types of lasers can be used. While a pulsed dye laser can be a good option for the thin red veins, laser with long wavelength can be best option for purple or deeper blue veins.

However, the veins that are bigger than 4mm may need sclera-therapy. It uses a small needle to inject solution causing microscopic damage to cells that are lining the vein. The vein then gradually shrinks and then disappears after some time of around 8 weeks.

To choose the best treatment for you, you will initially be advised on which type of treatment can be best suitable to you. A test patch can even be done at that time only.

For the ones thinking that this kind of treatment may be painful, it is not the case at all. You won’t feel any kind of pain or burning since the sensation of laser can be thought of just like a rubber band that is pinging against your skin.

Thread veins can effectively and easily be treated using laser treatment. Plus, these treatments are cost effective as well.