Men’s Waist Trainer Nexypro becoming a worldwide phenomenon

You’ve probably heard of waist trainers the now in vogue life hack that grants women that highly desired hourglass shape. What you might not know is that they are not exclusive to just women. Picking up pace is the now growing fad of men waist trainer also called Men’s slimming tank, tummy tuck belt, compression tank top, slim tank top for men, compression belt, shapewear for men and a host of other pseudonyms.

While most men are not necessarily looking for that hourglass shape, the men waist trainer provide an even better bargain – a gladiator style torso complete with a man’s equivalent of an hourglass shape – six packs.

How do these waist trainers achieve this outstanding feat?

The typical men’s waist trainer is made of an elastic band usually fashioned out of a material like neoprene. Apart from their tensile strength and elasticity, waist trainers also have high insulating capabilities. The implication of this is that wearers of men’s wait trainers will retain more heat and in extension produce more sweat while exercising. Increased sweat ultimately translates to an increase in the loss of unnecessary water weight.

Furthermore, because waist trainers step-up the temperature of the torso, they make it easier to burn through belly fat. Belly fat unlike other fat stores in the body are a challenge to cut down, the good news, however, is that combined with a dedicated workout regimen, waist trainers make the process of losing belly fat a tad bit easier – compared to just regular exercising without the use of waist trainers.

But it’s not just about losing torso weight, waist trainers for men pack an additional set of benefits that make them really worth the consideration;

They function to provide support to abdominal and lower back muscles. If you engage in intense workout sessions or are a powerlifter, this is an excellent way to ward of muscles strain and injuries.

Consequent of their proximity to body muscles, their elasticity and most importantly their warming effect, they function as some sort of on-hand muscle massager that tones and massages your muscles as you work out.

*      Making the right decision when shopping for a trainer

When it comes to shopping for a waist trainer George Orwell famous animal farm quote summarizes the market indices.

‘all animals are created equal, but some are more equal than others’

Indeed in the market for men waist trainers, many products bear the title of ‘waist trainers, ‘but some are more of waist trainers than others. As a rule of thumb, look out for the following when shopping for a male waist trainer.

§  Moisture repellent Lining

If you’re going to go hard on losing excess body water, then your best bet would be a waist trainer with a moisture repellent lining. The lining induces profuse sweating while functioning as a brace to keep the trimmer in place.

§  Quality, ultra-light yet ultra-tight Material

Ideally, your choice of a waist trainer should be one made out of non-irritant materials. Neoprene or cotton ticks all the checkboxes of quality and comfortably just make sure to avoid those infused with latex.

§  A closure that stands the test of time

Velcro is the industry standard for waist trimmer closure. They’re no doubt comfortable. That said if you want something that is guaranteed to stand the test of time your best bet would be a waist trainer with waist control clasps like the nexypro sold by differio; these provide a firmer fit while allowing you to adjust the trainer with relative ease.

Men’s waist trainers are the new trend in men’s fashion, and with their shimmering list of benefits, it’s just a matter of time before they become a worldwide phenomenon.

Are you going to be an early adopter or that guy who waits for everyone else to endorse a product?