Tips for Having a Healthy Happy Summer

Who doesn’t love a summer day? We spend our winter’s dreading the long cold nights and grey short days, looking forward to summer. We know in our hearts that it is our reward for getting through those cold winter days. But now that we have our summer sunshine, there remains the big question in every family. The answer to the eternal question, Mom what is there to do?

As the kids get out of school every June and become the restless tyrants that they are, we are always looking for great places to send them off for fun and a healthy summer full of great activities. Lucky for us we are near one of the best places, Santa Monica’s Fitness By the Sea. We know that every year Fitness by the Sea has a ton of summer activities for kids of all ages. But if you aren’t near this great summer day park, here are some other ideas to help keep the kids out of trouble and having a ton of fun.

Community Centers

Before the summer season hits you might want to check with your local community center to see what kind of fun summer activities they have planned. I know that our local one always has a variety of great daytime events for kids. We have had week long swim camps they can attend that run during the day at our local center, as well as a few trail busters that they really love.

If you live near a large park you might also check and see if they are doing anything for the summer in conjunction with the City Parks Department. They often will team up to create some of the best inner-city kid’s camps for the summer. Best of all the prices are usually quite low compared to private summer day camps.

Scouts and Guides

If your kids are in an organization such as the Boy Scouts or Girl Guides you might want to check with them to see if they are planning any extra outings this summer. My cousins are always bragging about their week-long camping trips that they take with their scout troop. These are usually at least a week of camping in a nearby state park.

I don’t know if the Guides do the same thing but I remember going on camping trips with my Brownie troops as a kid so I am guessing they still do this. Our kids aren’t much for either organization but I know some families where they are the center of their life.

Non-Profit Groups

There are always a few groups in our area who love to put on some kind of special day camp in the summer for kids. This can be something extensive such as the ones the Sierra Club often hosts that includes several nights away on a trip of exploration. It can also be as simple as a day camp by the local museum or church that gives kids a safe place to spend the day while you are away at work. These can be donation based or even free, depending on the kind of funding they can get.

The bottom line is that there are probably dozens of options out there for the kids this summer. All it takes is a bit of digging, and a bit of luck finding one that isn’t full yet. Have fun this summer and let the games begin!