Watching Out for the Holiday Blues this Year

For many people the holiday season is one that while filled with stress is also filled with equal, or even more, love and fun. As families reunite, and traditions are crafted there are ample opportunities to enjoy the holidays. However, we all know the old anecdote about the liquor store’s busiest time being the holidays and we have all watched the scene in a movie where the down on their luck character is in a bar or a Denny’s on Christmas Day. The reality is that for many people the Holiday Blues, a euphemistic term for the dramatic uptick in depression and anxiety during the holidays, is the more consistent component of their holidays.

According to the American Psychological Association, nearly one-third of adults reported an increase in stress levels in a recent year. These individuals that are suffering from an increased stress load are at a greater risk for a serious mental health issue during the holidays. Luckily, for most people the holiday blues are temporary and pass as the season does, but for a small few it could push them over the line they have been tenuously walking into a concerning state.

It is critical to ensure you are maintaining self-care and taking other critical steps, as explained in this article by the National Association for Mental Illness, as well as keeping regular appointments with your medical care professionals. Especially when you have been visiting with a counselor or physician for struggles with stress, depression, or anxiety make sure you keep your existing appointments or make an extra one to ensure they are aware of any changes in your feelings and how they can help support you through the season and ensure you still have a great holiday experience.

If you don’t have a medical care professional aiding you with these issues, don’t be ashamed or feel alone. Check out in the Boise area and if you look into other providers make sure to use this when choosing to ensure you find a professional that fits you and is understanding.