2240 Varicose veins treatment

In as much as nobody ever wishes to be sick, it is estimated that at some point in our adult lives, nearly 20% of us will be affected by varicose veins.

Varicose veins are those enlarged veins which mostly appears to be twisted and sometimes can cause some itching effect or cause pain and discomfort.

Well, thanks to the successful studies and research that has been conducted, there are now ways to treat this disease medically. However, this will come at a cost.

Something most people always look forward to avoid. Don’t worry, there are also some home remedies that might help when used.

Physical activities

This would be a nice idea if you try out some physical activities first as a way of treating varicose veins. As we all know varicose veins usually affects the circulation of blood.

Well, moving around will help by trying to move the blood gathered in those damaged veins back to your heart.

You can do some light exercise as it helps in improving the blood circulation. These exercise include, cycling, walking, swimming, and yoga among others.

These exercises are good because you have almost zero chances of getting any physical injuries. These kind of exercises can also be able to help when dealing with high blood pressure.

Change in Diet

Some foods have been found to be useful when it comes to vein health. These are:

  • Fiber rich foods

Suffering from constipation? Fiber is your guy. The effort that a person uses when passing stool usually has the ability to create some strong pressure in the abdomen.

This can help in aggravating those damaged veins. Some of the foods you will need include nuts, wheat, whole grain foods, oats, avocadoes, tomatoes, broccoli among others.

  • Foods rich in potassium

Water retention is usually caused by potassium deficiency. This always increases the blood volume in the body thus creating some extra pressure which positively impacts even the damaged vein valves.

Some of these foods include: pistachios, tuna, white beans, yoghurt, chicken and almonds among others.

  • Foods rich in flavonoids

Flavonoid might help when it comes to treating cardiovascular problems.

They also help in improving the blood circulation, relaxing the blood vessels and reducing arterial blood pressure.

Foods rich in flavonoid include; garlic, grapes, spinach, onions, cocoa, broccoli, bell peppers and apples among others.

Herbal remedies

Using herbal remedies can also help to tame the symptoms of the vein conditions. They come in two types, topical phlebotonics and the other which can be taken orally.

A study was done and the results showed that Centella asiatica, rutosides and the extract form grape seeds can help with vein insufficiency symptoms like cramping, swelling or even restless legs.


Rutin is the other name. You can always find this bioflavonoid in a wide range of plants, including; apples, Gingko biloba, buckwheat, citrus fruits, St. John’s wort and many others.

Mostly Rutin is usually seen as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. It is also an anti-diabetic supplement.

With its vascular benefits it helps in treating the varicose veins and has been used for quite some time now. It comes in capsules or tablets.

Centella asiatica

Also referred to as “Gotu Kola”, this plant is indigenously from Asia. Research done on it so far indicates that it has the ability to give strength to the weakening veins.

This can also help a person suffering from venous insufficiency. You can take this herb in form of a capsule, liquid extract or a tablet. It is also available as a cream or ointment.

Extract from grape seeds

From research conducted, extract from the grape seeds can be used for treating chronic venous insufficiency. It is also helpful if you want to reduce the swelling.

However, more research is being done. The seeds contain Flavonoids, Vitamin E and some other compounds. This should be used as a dietary supplement and it comes in the form of capsules, liquid extracts and tablets.

Keep in mind that it can react with the blood thinners thus increasing your chances of bleeding.


If you want to find a good and easy way of getting rid of chronic venous insufficiency and varicose veins, try starting with some home remedies.

Also adopt a healthy way of living. These are just some of the remedies you can use. However, they are not 100 % guaranteed as the research is still going on.

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