4 Lip Injections Myths You’ve Probably Believed

In our society, getting lip injections or augmenting your appearance at all is a taboo subject. However, different celebrities are becoming more open about discussing their procedures, shining a light on the risqué topic. One celebrity in particular, Kylie Jenner, wrote in a social media post about having had lip fillers done while she was a teenager. While people were split on the subject, some praising Jenner for her candidness and others saying she should be confident with her natural beauty, Jenner ultimately said that getting lip injections helped her feel more confident with a facial feature that she was born with—her thin lips. Still, many myths about lip injections circulate through society. Here are four of those myths that you should stop believing.

Lip injections are not for young people

Getting a minor procedure like lip injections may seem like an activity for older women. However, According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), in a world mostly geared toward how someone looks online, more millennials are eager to get cosmetic surgery. Over 60 percent of ASPS plastic surgeons surveyed said that they’ve seen an increase of patients under the age of 30 looking to get small augmentations like dermal fillers. While getting a procedure like this done is serious and should be considered carefully, the numbers say that cosmetic surgery is popular with young people.

Men don’t get lip injections

While some people think lip injections are just for women, The Daily Mail reported a spike in 2016 in the number of men getting the procedure. According to the article, although men don’t seek the same standards of beauty as women seek in lip augmentation, they do want to look more like the male celebrities they admire. The Mail reported that even though the majority of people getting lip injections are women, men are slowly increasing their presence in that arena.

Lip injections are dangerous

To some people, lip injections might be considered a painful, dangerous surgical procedure. However, getting lip fillers is anything but. According to the Derma Network, lip injections are a non-invasive procedure that occur only after the lips have been numbed. However, to ensure the upmost safety, choosing the right, certified plastic surgeon is just as important as the decision to get lip fillers.

Women with lip injections are frauds

With or without lip injections, people can still be authentically themselves. In the year that we live in, it’s unfortunate that women (and men) are considered frauds or liars for augmenting their faces. One doesn’t have to look far on the Internet to find memes and tweets about the subject. According to The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, non-surgical procedures, like lip injections, accounted for 44 percent of the total money spent on cosmetic surgery in 2016. In reality, though, a person’s face is how they present themselves to the world. If a woman chooses to augment her face, then that’s her choice. In the end, the face she presents to the world is still her face.