4 Tips on How to Choose an Elderly Caregiver

Are you in doubt about choosing caregivers for the elderly? This is a very important decision that must be made in a responsible and judicious way by the family.

Although people are living longer, getting to seniors requires a lot of care and even professional follow up. So learn how to choose elder caregiver!

  1. Know the responsibilities of the elderly caregiver

He is responsible, among other things, for:

  • Monitor whether medicines are being taken at the right time and according to the doctor’s prescription;
  • Assisting the elderly at bath time and other times of personal hygiene (such as changing diapers, for example);
  • Keep company and talk, reducing loneliness;
  • Assist in household chores;
  • Keep family members informed about the elderly’s routine;
  • Prepare meals and help with food;
  • Contribute to the general improvement of the quality of life.
  1. Choose a Qualified Professional

If you have questions about how to choose the most appropriate caregiver, follow some guidelines during the interview process:

  • The ideal candidate is over 18 and has completed elementary education;
  • Demand elder care certificate;
  • Even if you do not have much experience, you should know what the main activities of the function and market practices are;
  • Be aware of the candidate’s position during the selection process. A good caregiver should be kind, dedicated, and punctual.
  1. Work with the elderly to accept this professional

Being accompanied by a caregiver is often associated with negative imagery. It is as if the elderly are losing their ability to live alone and perform small daily tasks independently.

As hiring has more to do with the safety and well-being of that person, the family must carry out an entire process of acceptance so that the elderly person understands how much they are benefiting from this follow-up.

Be understanding and listen. The final word should be his and there may be alternatives to hiring the caregiver. But if this acceptance is difficult maybe it’s time to look for another alternative.

  1. Know the legislation of caregivers of the elderly

Understanding legistlation is an important step when you are thinking of how to choose caregiver for the elderly.

The family must provide a contract assuming responsibility for the contractor’s labor rights. This professional is entitled to fixed salary, paid leave, weekly paid rest, thirteenth and other benefits of a formal job.

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