5 ways to breathe easier in a polluted city

You cannot control the high amounts of pollution in your city, but you can try to reduce it by correcting your own activities.

For too long, most of us have been dependent on the civic machinery to reduce air pollution levels. While Governments are trying to curb pollution everywhere, citizens too need to take up the gauntlet and contribute to these efforts.

These are 5 ways to reduce air pollution and its effects:

#1 Invest in a good air mask.This is the most basic step you can take towards protecting yourself and your loved ones from the ill effects of air pollution. Buy a good air pollution prevention mask like Dettol SiTiShield – it filters the pollutants from the air you breathe, and its micro fan keeps the inside of the mask cool so that you don’t feel uncomfortable during use. The air mask is available in three sizes (Small, Medium and Large) so you can buy them for each member of the house.

#2 Download predictive air pollution apps on your phone.There is no way of knowing how many pollutants you breathe, what the pollution levels are in a particular spot in the city, whether it is dangerous to venture into a certain area or not. However, downloading reliable predictive air pollution apps on your smartphone can help you be prepared. These apps let you know all the relevant parameters in the outdoor environment – temperature, humidity, dust and smoke levels, visibility, particulate matter presence, etc. Checking this data before leaving from home can help you arm yourself with air masks and avoid certain locations altogether.

#3 Invest in an air purifier for the home. You would believe that you are protected from air pollution once you are at home, but think again. Outside pollution can enter your home through open doors and windows. At the same time, indoor activities can also contribute to air pollution. Do buy a good air purifier for your home, and have it serviced regularly so that it works at optimum levels. An air purifier is a must if there are young children, pregnant women and senior citizens at home.

#4 Reduce air polluting behaviour at home. Indoor activities like cooking, dusting and burning incense can increase air pollution indoors. They can contribute to the smoke and particulate matter inside the house. Always cook over a low flame, taking care to cover the pot whenever you can. Meanwhile, avoid burning incense or ensure that the smoke leaves the house through the window. Instead of dusting using a cloth or broom, use a vacuum cleaner and mop to clean the floor and furniture.

#5 Purify the air with plants. Always be in the vicinity of plants, whether you are at home or at the office. Plants purify the air by sucking in the carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen into the environment. You can even invest in several indoor plant pots that require minimal watering and daily maintenance.