6 Things You Should Know about a Fine Dining Restaurant

The very term ‘fine dining’ probably brings to your mind all sorts of images from crisp-white tablecloths to fine waiters in tuxedos. Just as the name suggests, fine dining offers customers the finest in terms of food, service and ambiance.

On the Water Front – Lodi hotel is the perfect example of one such restaurant that offers all these. We list out 6 things that you must know about a fine dining restaurant

  1. Forks and Knives

On a well set table at a restaurant, you will generally see a series of forks that will be kept on the left side of your plate, while a series of knives and spoons are kept on your right. The basic rule is to work from the outside to in, hence the cutlery that is placed farthest away from your platter is for the 1st course. You could always wait for the host or hostess if you are still unsure about this.

When you place your cutlery down, put it on the plate. Keeping them on the table is a big NO. If you are done with eating, place your fork and knife together vertically in the center of the plate. This serves as an indication to the server to clear your plate. If you accidently drop any cutlery, don’t pick it up. The server will replace it with new ones.

  1. Pudding and Soup

When it comes to soup there is a golden rule that you must always eat your soup and not drink it. To eat the soup, start from the center of the bowl towards the farthest edge. When you bring the spoon towards your mouth to drink, be sure not to put the entire spoon into your mouth. Rather just take a sip. Do not slurp!

  1. Napkins

Always keep in mind that a napkin is used just for one thing i.e. dabbing the mouth. Never wipe your mouth with it. Rather just dab your mouth using the napkin. Your napkin must be unfolded and placed over your knees. Tucking the napkin in your dress or shirt is simply unacceptable. This was normal in the ancient times, but it’s not regarded so now.  Once you have finished, place your napkin tidily (but you don’t have to fold it) on your left.

  1. Seating

Generally, there will be a seating plan kept near the dining room door or cards with names are kept at the table. If you don’t find any of these, wait for the hostess to seat you. There are very strict rules as to who sits where at the dining table. It would be awfully embarrassing for both you and your hostess if you had to be requested to move.

  1. General

It is not acceptable to start eating until everybody has been served. In case the guest list is large, the hostess may indicate you to begin even before everybody is served. If so, you could begin eating.

  1. 6. Never Do These…
  • Never blow your food. Wait for it to cool itself.
  • Never make a fuss. If you dislike something, leave it.
  • Never smoke at the dining table unless you are invited to by the hostess to do so.
  • Never take pictures at the table as it will look desperate.
  • Never move your plate once food has been served.
  • Never treat the servers badly.
  • Never eat chicken with your fingers.
  • Never point with your cutlery.
  • Never overstay your welcome.

Finally, before leaving, be sure to thank your hostess and host. Bon appetite!