6 Ways to Lose 10 Pounds in A Week Without Starving

There are options for a diet plan, weight-loss programs that work effectively. Every weight loss journey begins with the motivation that desires results and a plan that works. Regardless of your weight loss options; in a week, to lose 10 pounds (4.5 kg) without starving is possible. The plan to shed 10 pounds in a week translates to an average loss of 5,000 calories every day. However, there are ways to grow lean muscles and achieve this fat-burning goal without starving.

The Phenocal supplement can burn fat burner without leaving adverse effects. The ingredients are natural because of their herbal sources. According to customer reviews on Phenocal; the active extracts have shown positive results. Ensure to consult your doctor before consuming synthetic ingredients in the regular over-the-counter fat burners. Apart from pills, there are healthy ways to lose a significant amount of weight. Obesity is linked to high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases.

So, shedding excess water and body fat is a good way to transform your shape. Weight shedding cuts down your insulin levels by expelling fat and water.

How to lose 10 pounds in a week without exercise

Every weight loss supplement  fitness plan should be tracked to see how much changes you’ve made. Apart from an exercise regimen, cutting down on an unhealthy diet can change your looks. A high-carb diet boosts the accumulation of glycogen – a type of sugar that retains excess water in the body. Stored glycogen will surely build up our body weight and change our appearance after a period. However, there are weight loss supplements that activate fat-burning hormones and boost the rate of metabolism. So, through the process of metabolism, excess fat and water are shed.

Keep a Calculator

Calculate every calorie that you plan to consume, and keep a list in your journal. Every week, calculate your intended calorie intake and write a list of your diet plans. A calendar helps you track and reduce the amount of calorie. The use of weight-loss tips encourages a decision to keep a calculator or a calorie counting tool. More so, log your drinks and food for the week. Losing 10 pounds in one week without starving is a goal that requires a high level of commitment.

Avoid processed foods

Don’t be a consumer of processed meats or drinks because they deposit high-level calories in the body. Where the intake of carbs can add about 300 calories per serving; processed foods add more. Processed foods contain unhealthier calories per gram and are high in sodium. Usually, fast food restaurants are sources of junk foods. Instead of consuming packs of hot dog, fries, and red meats; switch to whole grains, veggies, and grass-fed beef.

Processed foods are notorious for causing the high salt content in the kidneys. With time, sodium from salts leads to failure of organs to perform. However, it’s ideal to avoid processed foods by consuming low-energy density, and fiber-rich diets. There are alternative weight-loss diet plans that can flush excess body water and reduce fat levels.

Eat More Lean Proteins and Low-Carbs Diets

Averagely, there are 4 calories per gram in lean proteins and carbs. However, vegetable oils add a 9-calorie per gram content to our meals. High carb diets cause bloating and water weight; so, it’s healthier to consume a lower-calorie per gram diet. Legumes and lean proteins spike the rate of metabolism and enrich you with fiber. Supplements containing whey protein are becoming accepted by obese consumers; they want to grow lean muscles.

Use High-Intensity Interval Training

Which exercises reduce belly fat? There are many high-intensity exercises to lose weight fast. Interval training is a form of exercise that allows some rest after an intense session. Weight lifting and cardio machines are resistance training that work effectively in burning fats and building lean muscle. So, a regular session of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) every day is twice as effective as regular exercises. Make at least three repetitions of a 30-second sprint work out with about twenty seconds rest every day.

Avoid sugary drinks

Avoid sugary drinks because they contain refined sugar. Instead, switch to clean (or flavored) water, or juice your veggies and fruits. Homemade juicing is a cheaper alternative to sugar drinks. Incorporate healthy weight-loss drinks as smoothies and shakes during breakfast. Indulging in unrefined sugary drinks can spike your blood glucose levels. Avoid the process of converting excess sugar into fat by having a weight-loss diet plan. Sugary drinks add carbs to the body; this leads to a buildup of muscles.

Water as a diuretic

Drinking at least four gallons of water every day is a natural way to cleanse the body. Flush toxins from your bloodstream by drinking the daily required intake of water. Naturally, sufficient intake of water cleanses your colon of toxins, and light metals.

How do I get serious about losing weight?

You can’t get a drastic change of body weight overnight. However, it’s important that in making the right weight-loss plans, you must stick with it. Fat burning plans are conscious decisions for body transformations. Get a plan that works, stick with it and that every effort towards your weight-loss goals. However, there is no single method of losing weight. Munching on veggies, nuts, fruits, or low-fat yogurt is not enough.

After making a log of your diets, use other fat loss tips to attain your goals. Consume superfoods that can increase your satiety level and give energy. A low-calorie per gram diet makes the body light and energized. Without starving, being heavy or sluggish; you can keep shedding weight while enriching your body with nutrients.


Generally, most consumers think that weight-loss foods are not enough for fat burning. Can you lose weight in one month? It’s possible to lose weight by engaging in low impact exercises, and switching to a life style that encourages weight loss. There are fat loss supplement increases the thermic effects on food (TEF) and increases the rate of metabolism. Belly fat loss diet can help your body expel excess water and fat faster than unhealthy meals.