7 Best Body Sculpting Treatments to Get Rid of Fat

You may have tried a lot to eliminate fat from the love handles of your body like tummy, hips, neck, etc. but without any fruitful result. So, today we have come up we the following 7 best body sculpting treatments that will definitely help you to get rid of fat.

  • CoolSculpting: It is a very useful method of reducing fat especially for the post-partum mothers or anyone who wants to reduce two to three inches from their love handles. The coolsculpting procedure has very less side effect and is completely painless. In this treatment, the problem areas are shrinking by freezing the fat cell of the body. The physician used to treat the patient by putting the problem area in between two cool plates and target to kill the fat cells. The procedure only takes 1 hour to complete and patient can straightway go to work after the treatment.
  • Sculpture: It is another method for reducing fat and is ideal for the people who have small muffin tops. Research shows that it can reduce 24% fat after a single treatment. This procedure is almost same as CoolSculpting treatment just in this treatment heat is used to melt the fat.
  • TruSculpting: Another effective non-surgical radiofrequency treatment is Trusculpt 3d which will help you to remove stubborn fat from your body and will give you smoother, slimmer and firmer appearance. In this treatment, the skin remains unharmed and it can increase the production of collagen as well as it also helps to enhance protein through heat applicators.
  • Liposonix: In this method, a High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) is used to melt the fat. It is a little painful method of treatment, but it can kill the fat cells immediately. This procedure takes only 1 hour and can be applied to several areas like tummy and other love handles.
  • UltraShape: It is another useful method that helps to eliminate stubborn fat. In this procedure, the ultrasound energy is sent to tear the fat cell wall which helps in releasing the fat. It is an ideal treatment for post-partum mothers and also for those who want to reduce a small pooch on the areas like arm, knee, love handles.
  • Vanquish: It is a significant treatment for reducing fat from the body part in which radio frequency is used to shock the fat cells with the help of heat. The radio frequency heats up the body fat until the fat gets melt. It is a painless treatment and takes around 45 minutes. However, it requires 4 to 6 sessions cannot eliminate fat at a time.
  • I-Lipp: It is another remarkable treatment in which low-level lasers are used to melt the excess fat from the human body. After having this treatment, a patient should take regular exercise, proper nutritional diet to and should keep a healthy lifestyle to remain fit and free from excessive fat. This treatment is 100 percent painless and requires only 40 minutes. That is the reason why most of the patient prefers this treatment over the other procedures.

Among all the treatment Trusculpt 3d is one of the best methods for patients and most of the patient used this treatment for reducing fat in their thighs, calves, abdomen, arms, love handles, neck, buttocks, etc.