All About Knee Replacement Procedure in India

At the point where there is severe knee pain and operative treatments of medications and activity medication have failed to provide relief, even day-to-day activities like walking or sitting can feel hard to deal with.

Naturally, it is horrifying sight to see how this arthritic pain may feel like an internal battle!

If someone tells you, you’ll completely be in no pain in say a complete full year, you would probably determine to persevere. Still, when it’s time to fix the problem, hearing the words “total knee replacement” can be intimidating.

For someone whose knee has become creaky, the method of replacing it with a new, metal-and-plastic version of the joint can be beguiling.

Every year many patients from all over the world travel to India because of knee replacement surgery cost in india is highly affordable. The hospitals & medical portals like & many others which provides medical tourism assistance to patients makes the surgical process more convenient & thus makes India one of the popular medical treatment destination. The surgery done with specialists in here seems so easy and promising: better mobility, less pain, an approximation will make you feel like young.

Who requires knee Replacement?
If a person experiences knee pain daily that hinders his work, recreation and daily activities of routine life, he/ she is considered for a knee replacement
When your normal life is hampered because of the pain, a surgery is required only when the damage is in the last stage or “when the bones are touching each other”, with degeneration and wear and tear having destroyed the cartilage between the bones altogether.
Knee replacement in India is highly reliable and efficient. And hospitals like Fortis provides a pain free, independent life to patients who are crippled by pain and immobility. also it is best at providing post-operative care. During your stay in hospital, a physiotherapist here teaches you exercises to make your knee stronger. Also, your stay in the hospital will not be more than 6 to 10 days.

Benefits of knee Replacement in India

There are many people around the world who are in need of knee replacement surgery but they just keep postponing it due to one or more problems that they face in their home country. Problems faced may be due to high cost of knee replacement surgery, long waiting time, lack of facilities, technology and expertise in their home country. Due to these problems, many patients travel to India in search of high quality and affordable knee replacement surgery.

  • It is more focussed on quicker recovery and minimum pain after surgery
  • relief from joint pain
  • rectification of deformity
  • improved leg strength
  • Better mobility
  • improvements in activities of daily living
  • improved quality of life
  • The hospitals in India have highly sophisticated and advanced technology that help in using minimally invasive techniques while performing knee surgeries. These techniques help you to have faster recovery, lesser pain, lesser blood loss, lesser chances of infection and better surgery outcomes
  • The hospitals offer very affordable knee surgery packages. The cost of knee surgery at these hospitals is just a fraction of the cost that you might have to pay in countries like US, Canada or UK. Despite cost being low, you need not compromise on the quality of medical care.
  • The hospitals have highly skilled professionism knee surgeons who have a vast experience of working with some of the best hospitals across the world. Many of these surgeons are trained at some of the finest institutions in the world.
  • There is no waiting period, being it a visa issue or being here on the date of treatment. We book all the necessary appointments for you before your arrival in India. You need not wait for appointments or stand in queue for completing the hospital formalities.
  • You get a personalized service right from the time you get in touch with us with your first medical query to your departure from India after a successful knee surgery.

Some of the minimally invasive procedures that Hospitals in India performs are:

  • Complete history and physical examination of the candidate
  • X-ray examination to assess the total amount of damage caused
  • Blood tests are also done to prevent inflammatory arthritis