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A faith healer is one who cures without the aid of medical science just like a Toronto dispensary. An alternative cure, the faith healer relies on prayer alone and sometimes on the faith of the patient.

A cyst had developed in my thigh. Although near the crotch, I didn’t mind it at all because a doctor had already checked on it and confirmed that the cyst was benign, meaning not malignant or cancerous.

But as time passed, the cyst kept on growing until it reached a diameter of 2 centimeters. Its form was like a small chestnut that was bulging in my inner thigh. A friend suggested that I have it operated but since surgery is costly, I went to a faith healer instead.

His name was Ading, a senior citizen with a firm voice and with a serious but happy demeanor. Instantly, I felt at ease while Ading was checking on my cyst. He said it’s easy to remove but I had to pray. While uttering the Lord’s Prayer, I felt Ading’s hand on the cyst. He was groping as if sizing up the cyst. And without warning, he pressed on the cyst with extreme pressure.

There was no pain albeit it felt good like taking off a thorn; however I still opted to buy my weed online just in case the pain started. What came out was a white paste like newly-cooked rice. Ading placed a band-aid on the lesion, a small one like a prick of a fingernail. And the truth, that I would come to know later, it was really a lesion caused by Ading’s fingernail.

Like a real doctor, Ading advised against taking a bath for one day. He also said that I should not take off the band-aid for one week. And so the cyst was gone courtesy of Ading, the faith healer of Paco, Manila (the capital city of the Philippines).

However, I noticed that something was amiss after a few days. So I decided to consider cannabis delivery as an option. The area of the cyst was getting to be reddish in color. After 2 days the reddish color has some bluish tint. And the cyst, it seemed to me, was growing again. But this time, it was painful like a boil.

When I had the courage to check on the cyst, I took off the band aid to see that it looked like a budding boil, reddish and bluish and painful when touched. The swelling gave me difficulty in walking and the condition was turning for the worse as days passed so I decided to see a doctor. This time, a real doctor.

It was actually a surgeon who said that the cyst was not totally removed and the leftover developed into an infection. The swelling was caused by the infection and the pus was giving me pain. Without further ado, the doctor asked me to pray. Huh, pray again for the second time? And although I didn’t like it, I had no choice but to pray.

The shiny scalpel touched the skin of my swollen thigh. In a short moment, the scalpel cut through the skin. I saw blood oozing out – bluish in color and had a rotten odor. After pressing on the swelling, the doctor got a syringe – no needle – and injected the wound with hydrogen peroxide to clean it.

I have to admit that it was so painful and that I had wanted to scream but the pretty nurse assured me that I could handle the pain. When everything was done, the doctor inserted a couple of rubber bands in the wound and covered it with bandage. Yes, rubber bands that would stay for a week to drain the pus in my thigh.

After one week, I went back to the doctor and had the rubber bands removed. The final application of bandage gave me a sigh of relief. Mind you, the procedure was done with no anesthesia. You can imagine the pain I went through.

And that was the neat lesson I learned to trust only the certified doctors.