Cowlick vs. Balding: Is it actually a sign of early hair loss?

A cowlick is a small group of hair which appears straight up or lies in the reverse direction of the way to comb hair. Generally, this cowlick is found at the top of the head or at the front hairline. You can find it by the spiral pattern the hair forms. It can occur on the head as a clockwise and counter clockwise pattern.

The problem of cowlick is that it can give an appearance of balding, which is an early sign of hair loss. When hair starts falling from the head, it is an evident sign of becoming bald in the future. Hair loss or baldness is a problem which may be caused by stress and illness and can lead to a process known as hair miniaturization. Hair loss occurs because the follicle begins to lose its integrity.

Other Signs of Early Balding

Here is a brief look at some of the earliest signs-

  • Hair thinning

At the beginning of hair loss you may find the texture of hair changes, and when you touch your hair properly and you get your hair it becomes thinner. In this way, you should pay special attention to hair fall treatment.

  • Patch or stains on hair roots

If you look after your hair properly by standing in front of a mirror and you see any kind of patch or baldness on the hair, then be careful. If these patches or baldness are not monitored, then you may have serious problems.

  • Find hair on the comb

Whenever you are combing you should keep in mind that the loss of your hair should not increase greatly. Every time you comb your hair with your finger, then if you have a bunch of hair in your hand, then there is a great need to be serious at this time.

  • Fading hairlines

Every person has to face this problem. The broad crest tries to show you something common. This leaves your hair back towards your head and makes your face look much larger than before. In this case, you see the more hair loss which you need to pay attention to treatments for hair loss.

  • Hair fall on the pillows

You wake up with a positive idea in the morning so that your day starts well. But instead, if you get your hair on pillows when you wake up in the morning, then all your days get worse. If this is happening to you, then you need to be careful. Do not try to ignore it at all.

Hair loss should never be deemed to be a temporary issue that may get solved by itself. Hair loss should be treated right from its state of incipience.