Dental Tourism: combining the pleasure of traveling with dental services of high quality

Patients from abroad pay more attention to the development of dentistry in the Republic of Moldova and the quality of the services provided in the last decade.

What does the dental tourism mean for Moldova?

A specially organized program, which represents a brilliant combination of dental treatment and rest. Meet the professionals from the dental clinic Imperial Dent, who make the treatment of foreign patients a reality. The notion of dental tourism has a great popularity among those who visit Moldova, and here’s why…

The essence of the dental tourism program offered by Imperial Dent is that a person wishing to travel to the Republic of Moldova for the purpose of treatment and/or prosthesis requests in advance a representative of the clinic to specify the convenient time for arrival, a possible stay in the city, the desired result, and the total amount of treatment costs.

Based on these details, Imperial Dent specialists create an approximate plan and choose the treatment model according to the needs of each patient. Several specific measures can be planned after a direct investigation, performed by clinicians.

In addition to the visit to the dentist, trips, cultural events, and other activities will be offered at the request of the patient. Also, the organizers of the dental vacation take control over the entire journey, accommodation and food are offered, according to the preferences of the patient-tourist.

The need for dental tourism

Dental tourism in the Republic of Moldova has started to develop recently. That is why it is very important that foreigners make a correct choice of the clinic where they are going to go through the treatment, in order to perceive the essence of dental tourism in the Republic of Moldova.

From a medical point of view, lately, the number of dental problems has increased significantly. Of course, there are many different factors that affect tooth health: ecology, food, bad habits etc. But the basic problem in dental treatment remains the lack of time to visit the doctor. In a lot of cases, this factor leads to the appearance of small dental problems that develop into serious illnesses.

The specialists at Imperial Dent take care so that all procedures are done on time, quickly and without any inconvenience to the patient. The visits to the dentist will fit perfectly into the tourism plan and vice versa.

Lately, dental tourism is gaining more and more popularity. And if some time ago fewer foreigners were opting for dental tourism, treated the idea with skepticism, nowadays the situation is the opposite – Imperial Dent already has loyal customers who prefer to benefit from the services of qualified dentists.

Tourists enjoy dental prosthesis – an intervention of great popularity amongst the spectrum of dental services because it is a complex process. At the Imperial Dent clinic, patients have the latest methods of restoring their teeth. We can’t overlook the Carl Zeiss endodontic microscope, which offers a quality that meets the international standards.

Imperial Dent specialists will minimize the number of visits and time required for all procedures without sacrificing quality and without interrupting technological processes. This is very important for those who appreciate the time and have a limited number of days to visit the city of Chisinau. Imperial Dent uses advanced technologies and modern methods of treatment, so visits to the dentist are easily combined with an active vacation. Yes, yes, an active vacation, during breaks between visits to your dentist, you will not have to stay in bed and fight dental pain after procedures, enjoying instead the great Moldavian wines and the delicious national food. Painless dental treatment is not a myth, it is a reality at the Imperial Dent Clinic.