Employees stress needs meet affordable health care plan with Spring Health

Stress was considered to be the disease of the 20th century, but what about the 21st century? Are we any better off?

If anyone needs some kind of confirmation, stress is still here and it’s going strong, especially when it comes to work-related issues. So, if big companies rarely succeed in finding affordable mental health care solutions, how can smaller businesses deal with the increasingly big stress-related work problems?

Employers have become increasingly preoccupied with stress managing solutions

Everyone has little to no time to deal with mental health issues. They still push these issues to the back of their minds, usually until it is too late to prevent an outburst. It is no wonder employers have become increasingly preoccupied to find better, affordable mental health care solutions for reducing work related stress. Even if we were able to somehow fool ourselves things were progressing, the statistics don’t lie, and they look bad. A recent Everest College survey revealed, according to tinypulse.com that no less than 83% of American professionals are stressed out at their jobs. Whether it’s due to low pay, too much work, poor work-life balance, lack of job security, lack of professional development opportunities, or not being in the right field, Americans are suffering from stress at an alarming rate. According to the same source, stress costs the American economy a whopping 300 billion in lost productivity, and this is only the tip of the iceberg.

More than one-third of working Americans reported experiencing chronic work stress and just 36 percent said their organizations provide sufficient resources to help them manage that stress, according to APA’s Center for Organizational Excellence. So, if even big companies rarely succeed in finding affordable mental health care solutions, how can smaller business deal with the increasingly big stress-related work problems?

Spring Health’s personalized and confidential solution, one that aims directly to help the final beneficiary, although via the employer’s pocket, might be the one that does the trick.

According to Healthcare Weekly, the company offers individual mental health care plans for each of its clients’ employees, trying to match mental health issues with the best affordable care that specialist can provide. A match made in heaven, 21st-century style, Spring Health aims to ensure workers will continue to work and be happier while doing so, and companies will continue to make profits in the process.

Spring Health is joining the list of exciting startups in the healthcare space completely revolutionizing the on-demand healthcare space. And with the rise of artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and health tech, we are bound to see more and more solutions trying to reshape how we interact with other people, systems and institutions via convenient and easy to access medical healthcare solutions.

Recently, Healthcare Weekly included Spring Health on their list of best healthcare startups to watch for in 2018.