Exercise After EVLT Varicose Vein Treatment

After you undergo EVLT varicose vein treatment (EndoVenous Laser Treatment), your doctor will likely encourage you to begin walking right away. In fact, you will likely be instructed to walk several times a day. This is because walking helps heal the area around the EVLT treatment faster. However, if you are a person used to doing a lot of exercise, such as jogging, weight lifting, cycling, or aerobics, you may need to take it a bit easier than you’re used to for at least a few weeks after your EVLT varicose vein treatment.

Above all, pain should be your guide to knowing whether or not you are exercising too hard after EVLT varicose vein treatment. Most doctors will tell you to wait at least several days and many will tell you to wait one to three weeks before resuming your normal exercise routine, especially if you are someone who exercises a lot. However, beyond the time your doctor tells you to wait, you should listen to your own body and use your level of pain as your guide. Once you start to notice pain during exercise, you should ease up and allow your body to heal more before you start again. You can think of pain sensations in the human body as a built in warning system.

Many people ask, “What is the best exercise to do after varicose vein treatment?” Honestly, the answer in almost all cases is plain ol’ simple walking! The human body was designed for walking and most of us in the modern world don’t do enough of it. Walking gets the foot pump, the calf pump, and the thigh pump all going at the same time which is very therapeutic to healing after varicose vein treatment!

There is nothing better than walking to get your blood flowing in harmony in your veins and back to the heart. After EVLT varicose vein treatment, your ablated veins are no longer pumping blood, so your blood will need to find a new pathway. Walking helps in this process better than any other exercise you could do. So, if you are used to doing vigorous aerobic exercise or long distance jogging, you may want to put that on hold, just a while, and trying simple walking instead. If it’s raining outside, you may want to try walking on the treadmill at the gym or on your home treadmill — walking, not running!

If you underwent EVLT varicose vein treatment on your lower extremities, don’t forget about exercising your upper body while you recuperate. You can try resistance exercises for your arms and thorax and then ease into low impact rowing. You can also do light weight lifting or strength training with hand held weights. Some activities, like household chores like vacuuming or washing windows, with also exercise your upper body and keep it strong while your lower body is healing.

Regarding swimming, you want to stay out of a chlorinated swimming pool for at least two weeks. The chlorine in a swimming pool can irritate the points of incision used during your EVLT varicose vein treatment and cause discomfort. You also run the risk of infection, especially if you are swimming in a public swimming pool which may contain bacteria and other contaminates. You should also avoid swimming in the ocean or other natural water for the same reason. You wouldn’t want to get phlebitis, inflammation of the veins. However, you should be fine in most cases to take a shower at home within about forty-eight hours after treatment since this water is relatively clean. However, always check with your vein doctor first.

Aerobics, dancing, and exercises that require repeated rotation of the hip joint, such as intensive cycling or long distance jogging, can actually be harmful if they are started too early and or practiced too strenuously after varicose vein treatment. At minimum, you should wait until you’ve had a post procedure follow up examination that includes duplex ultrasound to make sure everything went as planned and there were no complications. Even after you get the “all clear, go ahead and exercise” signal from you vein doctor, you should be careful to ease into your old routine, rather than jumping in right where you left off before the procedure. This way, you’ll be able gage properly your pain levels and stop or slow down if needed before you cause serious damage.

When choosing a vein center to get your EVLT varicose vein treatment, look for a highly reputable place that has been in business a long time and has seen thousands of patients. A good example of such a place is Metro Vein Centers. Being careful about your choice of vein clinic will not only increase your rate of success with your treatment but will also put you in good hands AFTER your treatment. Exercise is just one area where you’ll likely have questions and you’ll want to have a professional team who can advice you in the best possible way. You can schedule a free evaluation at Metro Vein Centers to get a feel for the professionalism there.