Few Common Dental Problems That Can Disturb You

If you are maintaining proper dental hygiene then you can prevent the occurrence of cavities and gingivitis. Let us know about few common problems that can occur in your mouth, which need to be prevented by proper observation and regular visit to dental clinic.

Blisters in mouth

Such blisters can occur not only inside your mouth, but also under your nose or around your chin. This may cause slight itching sensation and usually get healed within few weeks time, if left untreated. However, with proper medication you can be cured within a day or two.

Cavity formation

Most of the adults suffer from various dental problems, among them cavity problem is most common. If cavity is formed then food gets stuck in these cavities and after sometime your tooth may ache. You must brush regularly to prevent cavity formation and drink water with fluoride.

Tooth getting chipped

If you regularly chew hard food like nuts then there are chances that you may end up with chipped tooth. In such cases, you must visit the dentist so that he can smoothen out your teeth with the help of filling.

Teeth grinding

Many people grind their teeth while sleeping and also if you are tense or stressed out then you may grind your teeth. If it is regularly done then part of your tooth may be worn out and sometimes you may feel toothache or pain in the jaw. Mouth guard can prevent teeth grinding during sleep. Do meditation to get rid of your stress.


This is the first sign of gum disease and your gum may become red and you may experience bad breath. This does not cause any pain and hence many people may not be aware that they have this problem. If you do not regularly brush your teeth then such problem can occur.



This is an advanced form of gum disease, which may result in tooth loss in adults. If it is not treated in time then it may remain permanently. You may also lose your permanent tooth due to this problem. Talk to your dentist if you suspect such problem.

Darkened tooth

This may happen due to weak nerve supporting the teeth. Your tooth may become dead after some time. Dentists usually go for root canal treatment, which is followed by crown. In some cases the teeth needs to be removed.