Finding out your fertility health and things to do after that:

We know that there are a lot of difference between male and female. Here, we are not just talking about physical difference but also how the whole system is formed. Starting from the chromosome match to the difference in the internal organ structure, both men and women vary a lot. Men are tougher than female for a specific reason and female are more gentle and intelligent than man for a specific reason. In the present scenario, as always men and women co-exist. There is equal contribution from men and women towards the growth and development of a particular nation. There is always mixed group of men and women who clear the most competitive exams every year. We have women billionaires who are giving a healthy competition to the billionaire men out there. Their unity is celebrated as marriage and these two people being to live as one. After a point of time, these two people plan to take the next step in life which is parenthood. They plan, try for it and there is a delay. This is when they realize that there is something wrong and they start googling with search queries like “not getting pregnant after 2 years of marriage”. Google is always smart. It is filled with advertisers who will right away start putting up ads like “cure your infertility today”. This actually scares both these people. They have no one to talk about this. Sometimes talking to colleagues could be bad option too. They are stuck at this point.

The best thing to do at this point is to visit a nearby fertility clinic in chennai or any other city you belong long. The counsellors there would talk to you to understand your problems and suggests few test. Never be embarrassed to visit a fertility clinic. It is perfectly alright to visit a fertility clinic. Infertility is a natural phenomenon and you have no control over it. The changing lifestyle demands a lot from our body to withstand and the ultimate result is poor health. Visit the best fertility hospital in India would definitely give you the edge of understanding your core fertility health and the issues associated with it.

Infertility is not always a gender specific problem. It can occur to both men and women at any point of their lifetime. Infertility can also be genetic. But most of the times, infertility is relative to the kind of lifestyle we live. So clearly explain your counsellors on your habits, sleeping patterns etc. This will help the counsellor in performing your initial tests and check-ups and suggest you specific treatments.