Five Misconceptions Indians Have About Vacuum Cleaners

The usage of vacuum cleaner as an ideal cleaning partner has gained popularity all over the world. However, in India, broomsticks are still the preferred option for cleaning purpose, because it’s inexpensive and easy to use. People in India still avoid using vacuum cleaners as a cleaning aid because of certain myths that stop them from using them.

It’s time that we put an end to the common myths that are stopping us from using the cleaning aid and simplify our lives instead. Given below is the list of 5 misconceptions that Indians ideally have about the cleaning aid.

  • Using Vacuum Cleaner Decreases a Carpet’s Shelf Life – The dirt that is accumulated in the fibres of the carpet decreases its shelf life. To increase the shelf life, we need to clean the carpets regularly with a vacuum cleaner and this will help us avoid illness caused due to germs and bacteria present in the dust and dirt.
  • The Better the Rating of Amp, the Better is the Performance of the Vacuum Cleaner- As a part of marketing gimmick, a lot of companies started propagating that devices having better amp rating are ideally the best performing ones out of the lot. But in reality, the Amp rating just informs you how much energy the vacuum is using. Even a vacuum with low amp rating can perform better than those with better Amp ratings. Hence, choose your cleaning aid accordingly.
  • Light Weight Cleaners Are Easy to Use- As opposed to this popular belief, vacuum cleaners, which are relatively heavier in weight are easier to work with. Don’t consider everything that’s generally believed to be true and get duped into purchasing a lesser effective cleaner. You can use them and learn how to move it around so that you can make the best choice for buying the best cleaner for your home/ office
  • Vacuum Cleaners Require No Servicing – To improve the shelf life of the cleaning device, companies suggest servicing and maintenance of the cleaners. Like most of the electronic devices, vacuum cleaners also solicit servicing at a regular interval of 1-2 years. You are supposed to do the servicing as per the instruction manual provided by the manufacturer of the cleaning device. If the cleaner is frequently used, then on the basis of the activities performed by the vacuum cleaner you are required to do proper maintenance of the device to avoid any untimely breakdown in the cleaning service.
  • Vacuum Cleaners Can Clean Almost Everything – While cleaners are the ideal partners for removing dust and dry dirt from every nook and corner of your house area/office area, it can’t be used to clean sensitive devices like computers, television, music players etc. There are separate vacuum cleaners for sensitive items, which are light weight and handy. To avoid any mishap, know the functionality of your dedicated cleaner and put it to your best use.

Now that the common myths around the vacuum cleaners are busted, you can go ahead and purchase your ideal cleaning partner to ease your daily cleaning process. It is recommended by the experts that while purchasing the cleaners, one must purchase from reliable and trusted brands like Kent. If you purchase such appliances from some unknown brand, you may run into the risk of unpleasant experiences like damage of items or short circuit due to instability of the device.