Guide To Healthy And Beautiful Smile – List Of Foods That Can Cause Your Teeth To Stain!

Well, you would definitely agree that our smile is one of the major elements that affect our overall personality. Proper oral hygiene leads to a healthier and whitening smile. What affects our oral hygiene? What is important to keep our teeth healthy and shining?

Well, our eating habits play an important role in maintaining oral hygiene. Certain beverages and foods can be highly responsible for our stained teeth. Read on the following sections and know which the common culprits behind your discoloured teeth are.

Some of the worst foods for your teeth

  • Acidic foods

If you have yellow teeth, then you can blame those citrus fruits and acidic foods for it. While it is true that they are packed with nutrients, they can erode enamel that may expose yellow hued dentin.


  • Sweets

The sugars in the yummy treats such as hard candies and cookies may latch on your teeth and ultimately be the main meal for those bacteria residing in your mouth. When these bacteria feed off all the sugars, they release acids leading to the tooth decay, ultimately causing holes in your teeth.

  • Beverages

Different types of drinks including tea, sodas, coffee, wine, as well as sports drinks can greatly cause stains in your teeth due to their acidity. Teas of mostly all the colours including white tea has been found to erode enamel, and thereby cause stains to your teeth.

Apart from it, some of the sports beverages can also damage the tooth enamel, and thereby discolour your teeth greatly. Both the dark and light sodas can even encourage further staining from foods. Red wine and white wine as well can make your teeth stained. So, limiting intake of these beverages is necessary to maintain your oral health.

Few tips for a healthy and bright smile!

  • Follow a healthy diet and make sure to introduce some changes to your habits to preserve your great smile.
  • You can enjoy your all time favourite foods, but make sure to use them with caution.
  • Ensure to rinse your mouth properly with water within half an hour of eating.
  • Brush and floss daily. Flossing helps you to remove those pesky plaques that can build up in between your gum line and teeth.

Make sure to visit your dentist to inquire about the best whitening treatment ideal for your oral health. Go for it and you are sure to get back your healthy and shining smile all over again!