Teenage might have glorified monsoon as the season of love, but surely it is not for our hair. With the presence of extreme humidity in the air, our hair goes through a rough patch which cannot be undone by the spring if we do not take proper care. Greasy scalp and frizzy hair inevitably lead to tremendous hair fall which freaks out women all the time. And if you are going through this rough phase, you might want to peep into this article right now. Let us have a talk, shall we?


  1. Dry hair challenge

Every girl must admit that one of the most tempting activities of monsoon season is getting drenched in the drizzle of rain. And that is where the trouble starts. The dirty and acidic rainwater damages your hair to an extent where there is no return, and it can loosen up your scalp as well. If you do get drenched, wash your hair thoroughly as soon as you get back home.

 And in case of no escape route from the rain, you should –

  1. Use of hair dryer is preferable.
  2. Wash your hair with clean water
  3. Use anti-bacterial shampoo regularly

You might not aware of the fact that the rainy season is the time when you scalp secretes oil at a higher rate than any other time. Inevitably this high oil secretion makes your hair looks flat at the roots and greasy at the same time. To save your hair from such downtime, you should wash your hair regularly with an anti-bacterial shampoo. It will not only cleanse your hair, but it will also reduce the rate of oil secretion as well.

  1. Use a wide teeth comb 

Whenever you go out during monsoon, do not forget to pack a wide-tooth comb with you. Wet hair should not be brushed with narrow combs because it will increase the hair fall even more.

  1. Apply conditioner

One more thing to add on your list this monsoon is to apply a leave-in conditioner on your hair before going out in the rain. It will form a protective layer on your hair which will not make your hair sticky and keep the dirt of rain away as well.

  1. Do not get rid of oil altogether

It is true that during the monsoon your hairs tend to be oily, but that is only for your scalp. Rest of your long hair gets frizzy in rainwater. Thus, apply oil once or twice in a week to keep your hair loss control nourished and glowing. However, do not overdo oiling because it will stick with the dirty rainwater.

Undoubtedly, taking care of hair loss treatment in monsoon is a tough job but if you keep following these five tips, you might just get lucky this monsoon with a shiny hair.