Health Tips for Busy Families

Are you one of those families who feel as if you are running from one scheduled event to another without a break? If you are beginning to think that the inside of your car or van is more familiar then the inside of your kitchen or living room, it might be time to put life on pause and rethink some basics.

We know that families across the nation are feeling more stressed these days and two income families stretch themselves to find more time for family while still getting all the chores done and the kids fed. If you have kids who like to stay involved in after school sports, then the stress is added by drive time and schedules. So how does any family cope with all of this and still stay strong? There are some ways, and they may involve stepping away from the time commitment of non-stop meetings for you and intense competition for your kids. But it can be done.

Start with Dinner

It can start by having at least one night a week where everyone sits down to dinner together as a family. This long held tradition has been eroded in recent decades to the point that almost none of the families I spoke to at my son’s local school said they did it any longer. But this is the one time where you can meet and bond as a family. It is also a good lesson in giving up personal goals such as a soccer game or going out with friends for giving to others, namely the parents.

Don’t expect it to go smoothly at the start. It can be tricky to create a habit and then begin to establish it as a family tradition. But once you have decided on a day of the week where everyone can meet, stick to it. Don’t let the crush of daily obligations erode this all-important time together. The meeting can be rescheduled and the kids game can wait. You may be surprised to find out just what your kids are up to on a regular basis and begin to enjoy this time when you can introduce new ideas to your kids or find new ones from them.

Healthy Mouths are Essential

You may not think of dental health when someone mentions getting healthier, but the reality is the mouth is the vanguard of your health. Ever notice how your dentist always does a quick check of your tongue and mouth when you go in? That is because they will be able to see the first signs of health problems in your mouth. Even a trip for cosmetic dentistry from this dentist or others like him will still start with this one all important check.

So, keep your kids on top of their dental health with daily brushing habits, regular visits to the dentist and following up with specialists when it is called for by your dentist. They will thank you later when they have a mouth full of good healthy teeth into their later years because of habits you created when they were little.