How Can Seasonal Eczema Be Affected By The Weather All The Year Round?

Today morning, a patient visited me and told that “Doctor, my eczema aggravates in the summer. But, since its common that eczema aggravates in the winter according to many people, I wonder why justmy complaint triggers in the summer”. Listening to this, it clicked to me that eczema can flare-up due to the weather changes at anytime of the year. People have a misconception that it only flares-up in the winter. So, let’s talk about it.

Your eczema may turn worse due to the cold weather of the winter, the hot climate of the summer, or the change in the weather. It may even aggravate due to all these three reasons. So, you might be wondering how eczema can flare-up due to any weather change, aren’t you? Read on to learn why eczema flares-up in any different weather.

How Can Eczema Flare-Up Occur in The Winter?

Eczema flare-up can occur in the winter season. Here are some reasons which explain it.

  • Winter wind can have a drying effect on the skin, thus trigger a flare-up of eczema.
  • Central heating: Due to the cold weather of the winter, people prefer to be in a closed room which triggers the dryness of the skin. Thus, it aggravates eczema.
  • Most people prefer to wear the woollen cloth during the winters, and this leads to the irritation of skin and triggers the condition.

3 Precautions to Avoid Eczema Flare-Up in the Winter:

Here are some precautions which can help prevent a flare-up of eczema in the winter season.

  1. Make sure you keep your skin moisturized and protected from the extreme weather conditions.
  2. Keeping a small window of your room open, particularly at night can help reduce the central heat.
  3. Avoid putting on too much of woollen clothing to avoid theskin irritation.

How Can Eczema Flare-Up Occur in the Summer?

Eczema flare-up can occur in the summer season too. Here are some reasons which explain it.

  • The hot weather of the summer can also have a drying effect on the skin.
  • Dehydration during the summer can cause the irritation of the skin
  • The exposure to the sun without any protection tends to irritate the eczema lesions, and this aggravates the condition.
  • Besides these, putting on tight clothing in the summer may trigger eczema skin discomfort

3 Precautions to Avoid Eczema Flare-Up in the Summer:

Here are some precautions which can help prevent a flare-up of eczema in the summer season.

  1. If you need to go out anytime in the summer season, make sure you put on a good sun cream on your skin. Also, put on a hat on your head.
  2. Make sure you drink ample of water every day during the summer to keep your skin moisturized from within. Also, it helps to keep yourself cool.
  3. Prefer to wear loose-fitted, light-colored cotton clothing.

How Can Eczema Flare-Up Occur Due To The Changing Weather?

Eczema flare-up can affect you due to the change in the weather. Here are some reasons which clarify it.

  • A change in the humidity in the atmosphere can create skin discomfort for some eczema patients.
  • A sudden increase in the temperature can make you suffer from dehydration of the skin. And, this can occur so quickly that you may not even realize that it has led to an eczema trigger.

Homeopathy Treatment:

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