How to use generic latisse


People are suffering from various eye problems. That includes degenerating eye lashes and glaucoma. Any eye problem needs urgent treatment. That is because the eye is a very sensitive body part. Without a good eye sight, life will be difficult. Losing vision is not easy too. That is why protecting the eye is a priority. Glaucoma is a dangerous eye disease. It damages the optic nerve that is responsible for transmitting images to the brain. When the nerve is damaged, vision is lost. That is because the brain will never receive any image. The eye pressure that causes glaucoma can be treated using bimatoprost. Most opticians agree that this drug is perfect for curing glaucoma.

Apart from that, it stimulates the growth of eye lashes. The eye lashes protect the eye from dust and external particles. To be effective, the eye lashes must be stronger and longer. People with receding eye lashes have lost the protection cover. Their eyes are vulnerable to damages from external particles. The cure for receding eye lashes is generic latisse. The serum provokes the growth of eye lashes. It makes them thicker and darker. That gives the user a better look.


The serum will not be effective unless you know how to use it. Before taking the medication, have a prescription. Hence, visit either an optician or cosmetologist. The physicians will examine your condition and determine the right amount of serum to be used. Abuse of the bimatoprost is inevitable without the guidance of a medical expert. Those in need of longer eye lashes abuse the drug. They believe applying more serum will quickly stimulate eye lash growth. That is not true. Ensure you follow the directions of the doctor.

How to use latise drops and applicator

The medicine has a leaflet that contains patient information drafted by the pharmacist. Patients are advised to read the information before using the serum and every time they get a refill. The leaflet teaches the patients how to use the medicine. However, if you cannot understand the provided information, consult the pharmacist or the doctor.

Application of the medicine

Before applying the serum, wash both the hands and the face. Remove the contact lenses and makeup. You can reinsert the contact lenses 15 minutes after applying the medication. Place a drop of the serum on the applicator. Immediately, start drawing the applicator across the upper eyelid margin carefully. That is at the bottom of the eyelashes away from the inner part of lash line to the outer part. The excess serum applied beyond the eyelid margin should be blotted out. After applying the generic latisse, throw away the applicator. Use a new applicator to apply the serum on the upper eyelid.


This medication should not be applied on the lower eye lids. If the serum gets into the eye, it will not cause any harm. That is because it is used to treat glaucoma. To benefit from this medication, use it regularly. Be patient since it might take 2 months to see the benefits of the medication.