Increasing Patient Satisfaction: 3 Often-Overlooked Strategies to Check in Your Facility

In every healthcare facility, it is important to provide a professional environment that makes patients feel comfortable and reassured that they are in competent hands. Often, the most overlooked ways to increase patient satisfaction are the easiest since it truly is that little things that make a big difference in your facility’s overall daily operations. Starting with genuine patient care, down to the medical laundry services in Portland, OR… in our facilities we naturally train our staff to be compassionate and professional. It is important to double check these three areas to make sure that your staff is giving your patients the right impression from the moment they check in.

Ease of Staff Procuring Important Items

In a medical facility, patient gowns and bed linens often need to be changed due to soiling from bodily fluids or medications. Since having personal fluids on a garment is upsetting to patients, it is important for your staff to be able to quickly change them. Make sure that your staff never has to scrounge for fresh linens by partnering with medical laundry services Portland, OR facilities use to maintain a fresh supply of sterile linens. Being able to walk directly to a closet or storage room and know that supplies are available also gives your staff confidence that shines through to the patients in their care.

Quality of Your Linens and Gowns

In addition to having plenty of linens and gowns available, it is also important to make sure that each piece of your supply is in top condition. While it may seem prudent to reduce waste by keeping old gowns and bed sheets around, it will hurt your patient satisfaction scores. Talk to your medical laundry services Portland, OR medical teams prefer about their quality assurance practices. Ideally, they should inform you about any damaged materials that need to be replaced or always have quality linens without holes or stains if they supply them to your facility.

Visibility of Sanitation Protocols

When someone is ill or injured, they feel vulnerable, and patients today are terrified of coming out of the hospital with a new infection. For this reason, even the simplest actions of your staff are noticed. Provide reassurance to your patients by making sure that linens are individually wrapped, and have your staff unwrap them in the patient’s presence whenever it is possible. Making sure that your staff always enters every patient’s room in clean, stain-free garments also increase your patient satisfaction scores, so make sure that lab coat and scrub changes are easily accomplished.

It is important to remember that bedside manner and proper sanitation go hand in hand. Having the right materials when they need them allows your staff members to treat each patient with respect and courtesy. By choosing a medical laundry services company that knows how to provide fresh, quality linens, you can enhance the patient experience at your facility.