Kegel Exercises Apps

he wonders of technology will never cease to amaze us. The conventional methods of staying fit and exercising involved physically visiting a gym or getting up early and hitting the road for a jog. Nowadays, apps reign, from aerobics apps, Brazilian, Spanish, and Hip-hop moves for losing weight and now to a kegel exercise app. Then again, what’s a girl to do except keep up? If you do kegel exercises, using kegel exercises apps to exercise is a good idea, and this is why.

Why Use Kegel Exercises Apps

First, with an app, it is easier to keep track of the regularity of your kegel exercises. Most women get to a point where they are inconsistent with their Kegels, but with an app, you can keep a reminder to ensure that you do it every day.

Secondly, the accuracy and effectiveness of the kegels are improved. Some kegel exercises apps come with a LED indicator that is inserted into the vagina to track the contraction and relaxation of pelvic muscles. The data is then transmitted to your phone to show how good you are doing, and if you are making a mistake, the app tells you.

How The Kegel Exercises Apps Work

The working of a kegel app is dependent on the type of app. Some apps come with a LED indicator while others come with an instruction manual and maybe videos and a timer on how to go about the kegel exercise. Let us start with the app without a LED.

These apps normally have different levels of the exercise, with the first levels being easier. The first level will tell you to hold your pelvic muscles for a relatively short period, mostly between one second to three seconds. The subsequent levels increase the time to squeeze your pelvic muscles, and you can get to a point where you can squeeze your pelvic muscles for between 60 to 90 seconds.

For LED indicators apps, first, you insert the sensor into your vagina. The app on your phone will indicate whether the sensor has been placed correctly. If not, a warning will be sent to your phone, alerting you. You are then expected to squeeze and relax your pelvic muscles around the sensor, and the results and effectiveness of your kegels are then transmitted to your phone. The touch sensors on these indicators measure your pelvic muscle strength at that time, and during that exercise session, a target is set by the indicator. Your phone records this target, and at the end of the exercise, it tells you how well you have done.

Using apps for kegel exercises is not perfectly beneficial. One of the benefits highlighted is that it helps you keep up with your exercise routine. Then again, how often do we snooze our alarms in the morning? To pull off kegel exercises using a phone application, discipline is necessary.

It is never too early to start kegel exercises, work on your pelvic muscles today!