Red flags for hair transplant

Have you been suffering from hair loss and considering a hair transplant? This means you have also done your homework online and researched the surgery, doctors, clinics, cost and everything else. Which is a great first step? But unfortunately hair transplant surgery today is readily available and there is a lot of misinformation floating around. Clinics have sprouted everywhere, and for some of them it is just a money-making machine.

Patients have to choose wisely when it comes to hair transplant, because a doctor can really make or break the surgery. Here are some red flags to avoid while looking for a hair transplant:

 The clinic does not specialize in hair transplants

Owing to the growing popularity of hair transplants, there are cosmetic clinics that offer hair transplant services but the surgeons there don’t necessarily specialize in hair transplants. There are also clinics that have surgeons who have straight off jumped into opening private clinics without any experience. Neither of the two are a good option. Hair transplant is a sophisticated procedure and needs a surgeon who is a specialist, with adequate experience. It is a delicate procedure that needs precision and skill, especially when it comes to designing the hairline, to deliver aesthetically pleasing results.

Even in terms of handling grafts, the experience of the surgeon counts. Grafts are very delicate and they have to handle properly after extraction, they cannot be left in open air for long, or they dry out and will not grow at the transplant site. An inexperienced surgeon can botch the surgery or even cause scarring. All these details mean that the surgeon has to be reputed and experienced to make a transplant worth your money and time.

Clinic won’t share past patients’ photos

If a clinic does not want to share photos of past patients, it is a definite red flag. Any good clinic should readily flaunt photos and testimonials of their previous clients. Successful surgeries, if they have any, should be a matter of pride for them. If they show reluctance in sharing those, you should be running in the opposite direction, they simply cannot be trusted.

They are charging throwaway prices

If you are living in a fairly big city, you will notice that there are advertisements of hair transplants clinics everywhere. And some of them offer unbelievably low prices. Sure, cost and affordability is an important consideration while going for a transplant but anything that is too cheap is a red flag. It just means that the clinic is either not hygienic or it is cutting costs because the surgeon is not experienced enough, or if they don’t have the right equipment.

A hair transplant will cost about 30,000- 1, 20,000 in India. If it is lower than that, there is definitely something shady there. You also have to be careful about how clinics do their pricing. Some clinics charge per hair to make the price sounds lower than per follicle price. The truth is that follicle contains 3-4 units of hair. So note how the pricing is done, carefully and avoid being scammed.

Negative online feedback or no online presence

If you have found a clinic or a doctor offline, and cannot find their website, it is definitely not trustworthy. Secondly if the clinic is online and has negative reviews or feedback on hair transplant forums etc, it is best avoided. An online check is the first step of research, if a doctor or a clinic fail that, it is a waste to follow it up.

Consultation does not go well

Consultation is an important part of the whole transplant procedure. It is when the doctor studies your medical history, the hair fall condition, and recommends a treatment or the kind of hair transplant. It is also the opportunity for the patient to ask all their questions. If the surgeon is not able to give clear answers or seems confused about the diagnosis, or is just not convincing, it could mean they are not clear themselves. In that situation, it is best to look at other options.

Any of these red flags and you should look at other clinics or surgeons, because how your transplant will eventually look is dependent on the skill and experience of the surgeon. Hair transplant in India has become very much prominent among various people of world.