Six Ways the Immune System can be Damaged

A stronger immune system ensures that your body has enough protection against illnesses. But the majority of what you do every day directly affect your immune system. It is imperative to live a healthy lifestyle so you don’t destroy your immune system. Below are some of the habits and things which can damage your immune system. Being awareness helps you start living a healthy lifestyle.

Getting More than Enough Sugar

Consuming too much sugar can decrease the capacity of the immune system to fight germs. According to research, sugar impacts the body five times once consumed and the effects last for five hours. In order to ensure your immune system works properly, it is imperative to have a great source of vitamin C. Eating too much sugar will eat this vitamin away destroying your immune system’s cell structure.

Not Getting a Goodnight’s Sleep

People can experience a lack of sleep due to a lot of reasons. Studies reveal that those who sleep four hours or less every day will produce 50 percent of the amount of antibodies for fighting colds than those who sleep at least eight hours every day.

Consuming Alcoholic Beverages

Alcoholic drinks do not allow your body to absorb essential nutrients that results in a deficiency. Drinking too much alcohol keeps the white blood cells from multiplying and when the body does not produce enough cells, the immune system will weaken.

Being Too Stressed Out

Stress has negative effects on a person’s physical and mental health. The immune system starts to weaken if he is dealing with stressful situations on a constant basis as it loses its ability to combat viruses, germs and infections. A decrease in the number of white blood cells will weaken the immune system.

Taking Too Much Antibiotics

Antibiotics are meant to combat and treat serious infections. While they can be effective, when used improperly and for a long time, the body will build up resistance against them leaving the body more prone to illnesses and infections.

Living a Sedentary Lifestyle

A lack of physical activity can cause health issues including obesity, diabetes, weakened immune system and cardiovascular disease. If a person does not get enough physical activity and maintains a poor diet, his body will have a buildup of more toxins and stress. Therefore, it is important to exercise at least thirty minutes every day and eat a healthy diet.