Top Hospital of Mumbai

  1. S.L. Raheja Hospital

S.L. Raheja Hospital is one of the well-known Hospital situated in Mumbai. Hospital has set its benchmark by providing the best medical facility. The hospital provides you highly standardized treatment for cancer, Diabetes, Diabetic Foot Surgery & etc. The hospital encourages the family to be part of treatment process. Raheja hospital has been equipped with most effective ICU and causality ward to take emergency care of the patient.

Apart from this hospital have excellent operation theatre and Cath Lab, which is devoted to providing emergency care to seriously ill patients.

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As a brainchild of an individual who is well-versed entrepreneurs with many years of core competency in medical and health and service provision.


Established in 2006 and born out of principle that accessible, affordable and quality healthcare is available to everyone.


Raheja hospital healthcare provider whose main aim is to achieve world-class status as a quality medical healthcare provider.


Raheja hospital Staff is continually perused excellence and commuted to provide world-class treatment and service to all his or her patients.

Nanavati Hospital

Over last 6 decade, Nanavati Hospital is keen to provide quality world-class healthcare service. The hospital has been inaugurated by Late Prime Minister Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru. The hospital has been equipped with technology advance equipment and which is supported by staff (Doctors, nurses, Etc.) of the hospital. Nanavati hospital has been known for high standard quality and hygiene.


  • The hospital has 350 Beds for treatment.
  • More than 55 specialist doctors available.
  • Upgraded technology system and equipment.
  • Cancer Care with organ-specific specialist teams in a holistic manner.
  • Advanced services for the treatment of heart conditions with Minimal Access Cardiac Bypass Surgery.

Bombay Hospital and Medical Research Center

Bombay Hospital is one of the oldest and multi-specialist hospitals in Mumbai. The hospital is well-known for their treatment  National and internationally. The hospital has been equipped with most effective PET scan machine which gives results within 10 minutes.Bombay hospiatal have highly specilized doctors and highly advanced equipment . The foundation of hospital has based on providing best medical facility to patients in every arena .


  1. Total number of beds: 725
  2. Critical care and recovery area: 141 beds
  3. 24 operation theatres
  4. 2500 full-time staffs
  5. 240 well-known consultants
  6. 200 skilled resident doctor

Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai Central

Wockhardt Hospital is based on believes in Doing every possible thing to make your Life Wins at the New Age Wockhardt Hospitals, Mumbai Central. The hospital is situated at the center Mumbai, Hospital focus on emergency care and have first-class facilities for Heart care. Workhard take healthcare to one step further with help of highly advance technology which provide best care. The Hospital have 100 beds for emergency care treatment and IntelliSpace Critical Care & Anaesthesia (ICCA) system.


  • The first fully wireless hospital in Asia
  • The first wireless ECG management system in India
  • The first paperless ICU in Mumbai
  • The first anytime, anywhere patient data retrieval by doctors, in Mumbai.
  • The intelligent ICCA system

SevenHills Hospital

SevenHills Hospital from last 20 years providing healthcare services and Superiority healthcare.

The hospital have specialized doctors and staff in each departments. The hospital is known for “Exceptional patient care”. Sevenhill is trusted hospital which focus on taking complete care of patients, family member and their loved once. The hospital has treated patients from India and outside India.

  • 4 bedded for emergency care equipped with all facilities
  • 120 chambers for OPD, 36 OT’s, 24 units for dialysis
  • 1500 inpatient beds including 300 economy & 16 premium suites.
  • Offer on campus helipad
  • Well stocked pharmacy.