Why Healthcare Marketing Agency is Crucial

Digital marketing is rapidly growing over the last one decade. It offers outstanding benefits to all industries and medical digital marketing is indispensable. Good medical practitioners no matter how experience cannot make a practice successful. Marketing is always a prerequisite and that is where a healthcare marketing agency comes in.

Benefits of Hiring a Medical Marketing Agency

  1. Need to target patients with certain medical conditions

According to studies, one out of 20 searches in search engines is health-related where people are looking for ailments, treatment, and hospitals. So how do you ensure your practice attracts more patients?

Unlike print media and conventional marketing, digital marketing allows medical practitioners to target their patients by a medical condition, gender, demographic, location, and age. You can also use the most searched keywords to attach patients looking for treatment near them. Thanks to search engine marketing (SEM).

  1. Include changes and invention

Medical industry evolves continuously and you must adopt the changes while informing your patients. The way you market your business is a reflection of how well you are acquainted with your practice. Moreover, your marketing agency should tell you the marketing strategies are also subject to change. The strategies that were most effective five years ago may not apply today. Therefore understanding your target audience is very important.

Choosing between In-house Hires and Healthcare Marketing Agencies

The best marketing strategy helps your business grow. However, it is overwhelming deciding on the right strategy. All business owners struggle at some point with medical agency vs in-house marketing dilemma. Tasking another business with marketing is tough. Not forgetting it is not fit for everyone. Here is how to solve the dilemma.

Taking skills into consideration

This is one of the most important factors. Marketing calls for a wide range of expertise to be successful and any loophole will create gaps in your marketing campaigns. Therefore taking an inventory of your staff’s skills is very important. Who would be fit to make a successful in-house team? How knowledgeable and experienced are they?

Your marketing team should exhibit the following skills:

  • Content strategy
  • Graphic design
  • Marketing strategy
  • HTML, web design and CSS
  • SEM
  • Social media management
  • SEO and keyword analysis


Budget is always a decisive factor in the agency and in-house marketing dilemma. Consider developing a budget evaluation. It shows what you can afford and how you can spend your money well.

Your resources

Before deciding what approach to use, you may want to consider equipment, hardware, software, space and furniture necessary to support an in-house team. If you have these resources then you should consider hiring an in-house team. On the other hand, hire a healthcare marketing agency if you are on a tight budget.

How much control do you need?

Many businesses are not willing to surrender control. While it’s easy to communicate and hold your in-house team, in-house teams are susceptible to reuse ideas. Besides, the probability of the team to reject a strategy from management even if they know it won’t work is very little.  Since they are only accountable to the campaign’s result, a third-party agency is always the way to go. They will recognize bad strategies and come up with solutions.


Consider these factors carefully. It will help you reach a conclusion and fill in significant gaps in marketing strategy without restructuring your team. It is always advisable to leave your marketing needs in the hands of a healthcare marketing agency. \