You Too Can Own A Dental Supply eStore

With the added convenience of office or home delivery, you can get engaged in providing orthodontists, dentists, and other medical professionals around you with dental supplies. Do you know that it takes the same amount of time and dedication needed to run a traditional brick and mortar store to start a dental supply eStore? Regardless of your status, you can efficiently build an online business of your own. What you need to do is to create a professional website that offers both credible customer service and quality dental supply products.

Get your business registered

If you are looking to establish a sole proprietorship business, you can get your dental eStore business registered with the county clerk’s office but if you are forming a partnership, corporation or limited liability company, you should register your business with a state office. As an online business, you may or not be required to collect sales tax from customers. To determine this, you can contact the department of revenue.

Get a website address

Also, known a domain name, you need a unique website address for your eStore business. You can easily find a suitable, similar or matching domain name to that of your business name from any registry websites.

Get hosted

Find an online space for your website by choosing a reliable web hosting company. Preferably, select a company that offers web hosting packages such as website analytics programs, sales monitoring, shopping cart, unlimited web pages, email addresses, and website building tools. You can get ideas from other online store owners too by visiting online forums or company websites.

Order wholesale dental supplies

Contact a credible dental supply company that can provide you with quality wholesale dental supplies. Remember, you will need a nice storage area to keep supplies organized. Find a suitable place in your home to start with. Additionally, you will need to acquire shipping supplies like a postal scale, mailing labels, tape, boxes and so on.

Build a website

Your website should have relevant pages like Contact Us, About Us, Homepage, and Refund Policy. The homepage should introduce your dental supply business and what it offers. All supplies should be within a category and presented on relevant catalog pages. Ensure to include the name and price of products and a small photo to explain them.

Create merchant accounts

You can open merchant accounts with online payment companies such as PayPal and credit card provider companies. Through these means, you can receive payment transfers and eChecks from bank accounts and also receive online credit card payments.

Market your business

You can market wholesale dental supplies through various online advertising means such as Pay-Per-Click advertising, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and through social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. Marketing can also be done offline by sending informational literature such as business cards, fliers, postcards, and brochures or even by contacting dentists by phone.