Your ultimate skin care routine – Way to clear blemish-free skin

With all honesty, you wouldn’t be reading this post if you had a satisfying skin care routine! It is most likely that you’re already a genius in the field of skin care and you have been advising people about which moisturizer to use and which toner to use but when it comes to your own skin, you may have been a total failure! No two persons can have the same skin care routine because everyone’s skin is different from one another and it takes enough effort to create wonders. If you wish to know the best skin care routine that would help you get clear blemish-free skin, read on to know more on what you would need.

A cleanser is the foremost thing you would need

There are cleansers that will promise you everything that you had ever dreamt of. It is sad to note that like an airline reward program or a credit card, there isn’t much that you could do with it. Most of the cleansers that you buy will make your skin look good for few minutes which is just not enough to hydrate, brighten, clear and exfoliate at once. Whenever you hunt for a cleanser, the simpler it is, the better it will be. Make sure you choose something which will clean your skin off the grime and leave the acid balance and hydration as it is. A good cleanser will remove all makeup and dust without even leaving back a film of it. Wash, rinse and keep repeating. But make sure you don’t overdo it.

Exfoliation lets go of dead skin cells

But this should be rare! There are many who face serious skin outbursts due to over-exfoliation and this is a serious issue plaguing the entire nation. Women often say that they feel tempted to scrub and scrub and scrub until they become nothing but a pile of dead skin. This is when your skin loses all its balance. Hence you should start off slow. You can use 5% glycolic solution along with aloe vera.

Serum which targets your kind of skin

This one is entirely the choice of a dealer. Take a look at your skin and know what it needs. If you think your skin is too dry and it needs to be hydrated, you can use hyaluronic acid and for this you have to check the labels of the things that you but. For prevention and reduction of acne and pimples, try Vitamin C.

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